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Beacon of Theology 2011

Pijar Teologi 2011 (Beacon of Theology 2011) is a 72 days wiki based writing competition. This competition is designed as an integrated event consist of encyclopedia style writing technique training, endurance test, and in the same time serve as an effort to enrich theological information in bahasa Indonesia.

The project will introduce and allow selected participant from Jakarta Theological Seminary, the oldest seminary in Jakarta, to be trained on how to write in wikipedia and compete for 72 days. The 70 participants, from M.div program until doctoral program in Jakarta Theological Seminary, are watched closely by committee while competing and graded using an article matrix calculation created specifically for the project and the 3 juries to grade the article quality.

This project is a stimulation effort to add new very active users and also readers in theological subjects by aggressively promoting the articles in using the participants social network (Facebook, Twitter, and others). Jakarta Theological Seminary is the oldest seminary school in Indonesia. On September 27, 2011 the school will enter its 77 birthdays, and in this month the award to top three contributors in this writing competition will be awarded.

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Writing competition

STT Jakarta main building
Beacon of Theology posters in Indonesian language

The competition initiative come from Hans Abdiel, the runner up from Free Your Knowledge 2010, who introduce the idea of running a competition event in Jakarta Theological Seminary in Theological subject. In his capacity as the project's director, Hans and his team design an integrated training and competition system with the goal of adding the quantity and quality of theological articles theme in Indonesian language Wikipedia.

The participants writing style must follow Indonesian language correct terms, encyclopedic, and must be neutral to be in order for the article to be readable by general public.

Participants work and contribution will be evaluated periodically by a review panel consisting of committees, teacher from Jakarta Theological Seminary and Indonesian language Wikipedia representative. The competition will begin with training to all participants in order for them to understand Wikipedia standard of writing.

Training and scores

The competition will be launch by providing a training class to participant on how to register and to edit Wikipedia using media wiki tools and neutral writing perspective, which is unfamiliar territory to to beginners. Up to this point the rules and tools could only can be used by limited wikipedia contributors who is willing to spare time to self-learn the system, yet the same thing give great difficulty to new comers.

When people could write well in Wikipedia, the articles will provide good references, neutral perspective, informative, and making it possible to surf the internet with a better experience since good information are available about theology for Christians and, at broader level, for public in general who is curious to know.

The participants are students from Jakarta Theological Seminary from different level: undergraduate students to doctoral students. The focus of competition seems to be narrow but this is our decision from commitee because we want to make it efficient and could achieve our purposes well.

The committee plan to make this competition last for 72 days, the challenge will be increase at different period. In the end, the participants will realize that their motivation is not about the prices but founded that writing is important part of their life. Also they may find that sharing knowledge freely is precious thing both for them and others.

This competition will be begin at 24 February and ended at 6 May 2011.


Beacon of Theology 2011 Event Schedule
Date Activity Location
January - 23 February 2011 Information made for public for Beacon of Theology 2011 project initiative STT Jakarta
21 - 23 February 2011 pre-competition training STT Jakarta
24 February - 15 March 2011 Round one competition STT Jakarta
March 2011 Participants article publication Churces (Jakarta and its greater area)
16 March - 15 April 2011 Round two competition STT Jakarta
April 2011 Participants article publication Churces (Jakarta and its greater area)
16 April - 6 May 2011 Round three competition STT Jakarta
Mei 2011 Participants article publication Churces (Jakarta and its greater area)
27 September 2011 Awarding top three winners of Beacon of Theology 2011 writing competition STT Jakarta

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