Cipta Media Technology Performance Improvement

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Peningkatan Kinerja Teknologi Cipta Media

Cipta Media Technology Performance Improvement is Wikimedia Indonesia effort to improve the infrastructure behind open call grant known as Cipta Media that happened consecutively every two years since 2011.


One of Wikimedia Indonesia strength is a commitment to public engagement and transparency in media by allowing public to experience a full cycle of project from budgeting, implementation, to report - online. Previously we learn that a transparently documented of projects from beginning to end actually is a valuable learning platform for others that aspire to do the same. An insider look, an understanding of the team capacity in reporting and project management, financial management, and documentation, and a conscious reporting because “the public can see it, so it has to be correct”;

Although the commitment look easy, internally, we recognize that our ability to deliver on this commitment throughout the program is our biggest challenge. The Evaluation and Learning Report conclusion reflect this challenge as, “an irony”,

Using this idea we are planning to improve our process and documented thoroughly on how the setup works. We call this downtime effort as “improvement time”, we also would like to approach some of the recurrent problem that happened in the past.



During 2011-2015 the servers and software we use have failed at times, in a few cases have been inoperable for weeks. This problem clogging activities and escalates throughout our distributed work in the organization which relies on online communication and collaboration infrastructure.

Due to our high dependence on this infrastructure, we must migrate our key infrastructure to managed services hosted on the cloud to ensure we are ready for the next Cipta Media program, with adequate monitoring and usage statistics needed for our reporting. This migration has been always been a surprise, headache, and a source of constant complaints.

As part of this migration, several customization to the MediaWiki software will need to be improved so that they can be published as open source and deployed into a cloud service. We would also have a backup approach system, whether it is an additional human resource to maintain the servers or a completely different servers altogether.


Blog Cipta Media 2015

Each Cipta Media program has had an entirely new website built for it. This allowed maximum flexibility on the design of the second Cipta Media website, while retaining the brand 'Cipta Media'.

However as a result, the first programs website was effectively removed and the second program's website replaced it.

A lot of the improvements made during the first program were effectively deleted.

We need to build a new website that is designed to host the content of old Cipta Media programs, as a display of previous work, while prominently featuring the current Cipta Media program.

Proposed solution

This project propose to involve designing a new website shell that integrates the design and content from the first two Cipta Media programs, and have a clear mechanism for the third and additional Cipta Media content to fit into the same overarching layout with minimum constraints being placed on future Cipta Media programs.

  1. Cipta Media Project Management Platform
    Our primary goal is to make a project management platform that include budget and financial reporting that is easy to use for Wikimedia Indonesia user as a trial. However once the primary goal has been achieved, with further improvement effort the platform it will have potential to be download by others and customized it to their own project need - this is our secondary goal.
    A lot of project management tool either not free or not allowing the level of transparency being offer by Cipta Media system.
    We look forward to the day “Cipta Media” become a brand for downloadable apps and platform that others may use. We believe it is possible but it will take a lot of time and effort in a more unfamiliar territory. Small incremental improvements were made to the infrastructure prior to and during the second Cipta Media program, however many of the larger usability problems encountered during the first program reappeared during the second program, and were not able to be adequately resourced.
    A user friendly project management platform that beautifully display project transparency for the world to see.
  2. Improved Hosting and Monitoring
    The infrastructure that has supported the two Cipta Media programs needs to become more reliable and efficient for both the grantees and the Wikimedia Indonesia team administering the grants. Wikimedia Indonesia must migrate key infrastructure to managed services hosted on the cloud for our next program challenges. We need to make sure the migration comes with improved mediawiki and monitoring tools, and also properly migrates old usage statistics needed for reporting.
    Cipta Media migrated to a reliable host, with monitoring tools, backup procedures and recovery plans in place to minimise disruption.
  3. An interchangeable wordpress website design
    A shell design to host the content of old Cipta Media programs and its previous work, and prepare a new frame for the future one. Currently previous projects although exist, it is not easily accessible.
    A user friendly web archive easy for the public to access easily previous projects for ideas, its effort, reports and the lesson learn and a “ready to wear” customized platform for the future program.

Proposed Activities

A. Project Management Platform

a. Identifying a full time open source technical consultant to build it
b. Design and build an efficient user-friendly project management platform using a mediawiki based platform
c. Set up & internal trial
d. Documentation for set up and usage (text and video)
e. Launch & external trial

B. Improving Hosting, Server and Monitoring

a. Document Cipta Media hosting and server requirements for five years project.
b. Investigate and select a host provider suitable for Cipta Media, preferably hosted in Indonesia .
c. Identifying and implement best-practices backup and recovery procedures.
d. Investigate and select load and usage monitoring tools for server administration and simplified grant reporting needs.
e. Training a backup human resource person for monitoring servers.
f. Run tests

C. An interchangeable wordpress website design

a. Identify and build an interchangeable website design that can accommodate archived Cipta Media content and be customized for the next grant
b. Execution, trial, evaluation, and improvement.

Indicator of success

A. Project Management Platform: The availability of a user friendly project management platform that beautifully display project transparency for the world to see.
B. Improving Hosting, Server, and Monitoring: The successful creation of interconnected websites between blog, wiki, and archive that support learning for aspired social change individuals, group, and organization.
C. An Interchangeable wordpress website design: A reliable technical infrastructure supporting the Cipta Media.