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Craig Franklin

Craig Franklin (User:Lankiveil) graduated with a Bachelor of Information Technology degree, with a major in Data Communication, from the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in 2004. Craig's experience include Project Officer and Business Analyst, focusing on the implementation of financial management and reporting systems for public sector entities. Craig later promoted to Senior Business Analyst in 2009 with current areas of focus are spearheading projects with small teams in business intelligence (providing tools to assist organizations in making informed business decisions based on financial data) and business process improvement.

Craig currently enrolled as a postgraduate student at QUT, pursuing a degree in Information Management, where his main research interests are in user-driven information management and categorization systems (like Wikis!).

Craig's side job and hobby expanded to freelance music journalist, and as a breeder of tropical fish for the ethical aquarium trade. Craig and partner shared interest in self-sufficiency movement and give much to their land to the production of fruits and vegetables to reduce our dependence on conventional methods for food distribution. Craig has travelled widely in Oceania, Asia, and Europe and have had exposure to a variety of cultures and philosophies. He also spent his formative years in a neighbourhood with a lot of immigrants, particularly from South Asia and Polynesian countries, so he has more than a passing familiarity with these cultures.


Craig's involvement in Wiki originated from editing the Irish (Gaelic) language Wikipedia in August 2004. He soon migrated across to the English language Wikipedia where he became an administrator and arbitration committee clerk. He has also been active at Commons, where he have uploaded many photographs, primarily of Australian sportspeople, flora and geographical features.

Craig is also a founding member of the Australian Wikimedia chapter and served as the chapter’s Treasurer since 2010 and in his midway through his second term in the position. Craig's interests as chapter Treasurer have been to develop a sustainable framework for professional management of the chapter, and expanding grant programme to assist community members in developing new, free content. Craig also directly engaged in programme work such as GLAM collaborations and outreach events. He chaired the Wikimedia Austraia's strategic planning subcommittee, a process that everyone involved seems to think had a positive end result.

Craig believe Wikimedia projects should be run, built, and managed by volunteers where he share a great deal of faith in the wisdom and talent that the community possesses. A healthy and engaged community will result in a healthy Foundation. Engaging the community needs to be something that is an integral part of everything that the Foundation does. Craig also think relations should be a partnership of equals, where each party respects the work done by the other, and any differences of opinion are talked out to a mutually agreeable compromise with suitable dollops of good faith and respect.

Craig's already established cordial relationship with the WMF staff and trustees will enable him to work effectively with them in bringing about change.

  • Providing more resources and guidance to chapters to help them in meeting the challenges of organizational development and effective ways to run programs
  • Bringing the Movement Roles process to a close, so that all actors in the movement have a clear picture of where they stand and what they can contribute
  • Focusing work on the important questions of editor retention and gender balance in Wikimedia projects
  • Devolving oversight of Foundation activities, wherever possible, to local communities and editor groups, in accordance with the principle of subsidiarity. This includes making as much information available about Foundation decision-making, financial performance, and fundraising, publically available for scrutiny by the community.
  • Reforming the Foundation and the Board of Trustees to be more responsive and accountable to readers and to the community.