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Creative Commons Indonesia (CCID) is one of Wikimedia Indonesia (WMID) projects to adapt and promote CC license in Indonesia for digital works. By using CC license, creators can hold their copyrights while also making their works available for other parties to copy, share and use it in accordance with CC license terms.

Creative Commons License

CC license are sets of copyright licenses that allows distribution of copyrighted works, combining four baseline rights:
  1. Attribution, BY means users shall give proper attribution.
  2. Noncommercial, NC means users shall not gain commercial advantages.
  3. No derivative works, ND means users shall not make derivative works from CC-licensed works they are using.
  4. Share-alike, SA means users shall put derivative works under any license similar to license used by the original works.
There are six combination of baseline rights: CC BY (Attribution), CC BY-NC (Attribution Noncommersial), CC BY-ND (Attribution No Derivatives), CC BY-SA (Attribution Share-Alike), CC BY-NC-ND (Attribution Noncommersial No Derivatives) and CC BY-NC-SA (Attribution Noncommersial Share-Alike). These six licenses applied through license buttons and each button contains legal code, human readable code and machine readable code.


This project is divided into six activities: (1) preparation, (2) translation and adaptation of licenses, (3) public discussion, (4) availability of the second (final) text of translation and adaptation of licenses, (5) launching of CC Indonesia, and (6) promoting licenses.