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Bebaskan Pengetahuan 2014

Bebaskan Pengetahuan 2014 (Free Knowledge 2014) is a three-month wiki based writing competition in Indonesian language Wikipedia. It is designed as an integrated event consist of encyclopedia style writing technique training, endurance test, and in the same time serve as an effort to enrich encyclopedic information content in bahasa Indonesia.

The competition will introduce and allow selected participants from 10 universities within Jakarta, Bandung and Yogyakarta to be trained on how to write in wikipedia and compete for three months. One winner will attend Wikimania 2014 in London, England.

Fundraising Status

Funding needed for Bebaskan Pengetahuan 2014: Rp. 250 juta rupiah
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Funding status until Bulan Agustus 2014 is 157.427.018
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Writing Competition

Pemenang akan menghadiri konferensi internasional Wikimania 2014 di London, Inggris

This writing competition is initiated by Wikimedia Indonesia as an effort to enrich quantity and quality of Indonesian language articles in the internet, and as a way to celebrate volunteering spirit to free our knowledge.

The competition will last for three months with the emphasis that volunteer writes as many and as good as they can in collecting scientific data from their own respectable fields and interest using encyclopedic style writing manual in Indonesian language Wikipedia.

Winner get to attend Wikimania 2014 in London, England - Participant contributions will be assessed by juries consisting of joint committee of Wikimedia Indonesia member and university professors from competing Universities. Competition will begin by encyclopedia writing technique training using Wikipedia, followed by three times evaluation, and finally a winner is selected to receive a free trip to Europe to attend Wikimania 2014 in London, England. Wikimania is an international conference held to address issues about of free knowledge from the perspective of its technology, lifestyle, and availability of access and attendees come from around the world, sharing a mutual goal.

Participants benefit - Although only one winner get the prestigious prize, all the participants after the competition (provided they will last until the ending date of competition) will receive the following; (1) lesson in how to edit and collaborate using wiki as a tool, (2) practice their ability and sharpen their intuition in writing using correct term of Indonesian language in encyclopedic style article; (3) get recognition for their contribution and perseverance stated in the reference letter signed by Wikimedia Foundation (U.S.) Executive Director Sue Gardner. The reference letter can be use throughout the participant's career in the future.

Problem Analysis

There are two main problems that trigger the project. First, statistic shows how the number of very active contributor is still stagnant despite of the increasing on the amount of readers. This shows our people is more into use than to produce articles in Wikipedia. Second, the number of increasing articles is not followed by the increasing of the number of Indonesian-encyclopedic-titles.

There are several factors causing those problems:

  • The growing of internet access is not parallel with people's passion to contribute freely
  • Indonesian people are not used to contribute freely in internet. It is very different to religious activities, disaster, or empowerment efforts that might drove people's passion to contribute
  • The trend is to use and not to produce. Although there are producing activities, those are driven by business and pleasure motifs

The gap between generations is one factor that contribute to the stagnancy of the very active contributors. In the beginning of Indonesia Wikipedia, very active contributors are dominated by members whose age are between 25 to 40 and many of them are not active anymore. The next generation is younger in age and began their contribution in Indonesia Wikipedia when they were in secondary school and now went into college. This is a positive trend yet still inadequate. Indonesia Wikipedia needs more new contributors whose age between 25 to 40 and to trigger it this project is aimed to attract Indonesian young people to contribute to Indonesia Wikipedia.

Project Synopsis

Bebaskan Pengetahuan 2014

More quality articles in Indonesian language - Wikipedia in Indonesian language has 200 thousand plus articles on June 2013 with only 50 very active contributors. An addition of 90 talented user gathered by the competition, will automatically adding quantity and the quality of the articles. Number of participants up to 90 people will enable the two-fold increase of Wikipedia Indonesian language editors. The articles in the Indonesian language is highly anticipated by Indonesian speaking information seekers on the Internet. Up to this point Indonesia internet sphere is rich with news sites, blogs, social networking, and other media with commercial goal. When a wikipedia article is written correctly, the article in Wikipedia will be able to provide quality references, neutral point of view, correct grammar, informative content, and make internet browsing for Indonesian become a more valuable experience because of the availability and the accuracy of information it provide.

New very active users - The purpose of this competition is to introduce new potential user the correct procedures on how to write using wiki software and the rule of writing in Wikipedia. So far, these rules makes editing in wikipedia difficult and could only been enjoyed by a few users who had the ability of self-taught (autodidact) and not friendly for beginners.

During preparation phase in March 2010 the committee visit ten well-known universities in Jakarta, Bogor, and Tangerang. These Universitie was asked to select nine of their representative to compete and provide one of their teacher as a jury to evaluate their students writing result. Participants consist of nine students from each university who felt challenged to compete, or simply feel that they are able to write. Participant need to have internet access, computer, and trusted by their university to compete on behalf of the University. The competition itself will begin in April 2014.

Write to Free (your) Knowledge - Committee has designed several level of competitions for three months duration, challenges will increased for the participants. At the end, the real winner comes out from this writing competition is a volunteer who realizes that the desire to compete was not merely a promised grand prize ticket, but the realization that writing is their calling, an ability that is a part of their life, and knowledge is a gift to all and become more valuable when it is free.




Timeline of Free Your Knowledge 2014
Date Activity Place
January 2014 Promotion on universities Jakarta, Bandung, and Yogyakarta
25 March 2014 Press Conference to launch the competition Coordinated Ministry for People's Welfare, Central Jakarta
29 March 2014 Writing Workshop in Yogyakarta Faculty of Agriculture, Gadjah Mada University
31 March 2014 Writing Workshop in Bandung Padjajaran University, Jatinangor
1 April 2014 The competition started Online
1 April - 25 April 2014 Round 1 online
28 April 2014 Result of 1st round published online
April 2014 2nd training for participants Jakarta
26 April - 15 May 2014 Round 2 Online
18 May 2014 Result of 2nd round published online
20 May 2014 Press Conference to give award for the best five in round 2 Jakarta
16 May - 27 June 2014 Round 3 online
1 July 2014 Result of 3rd round and the winner are published Online
3 July 2014 Press conference Jakarta
8-10 Agustus 2014 Wikimania 2014 London, Inggris