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[20:14] == SiskaDoviana [6e89e0f5@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #wikimedia-ar
[20:15] <SiskaDoviana> so I am looking at Wiki Woman Camp page right now
[20:16] <SiskaDoviana> http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/WikiWomenCamp/Participation
[20:16] <SiskaDoviana> How many need scholarship from the one that listed there?
[20:16] <MotherForker> Hi Siska!
[20:24] <SiskaDoviana> sponsor with money
[20:24] <SiskaDoviana> WMAT 2,000 Euros
[20:24] <SiskaDoviana> WMAU 10,000 AUD
[20:24] <SiskaDoviana> who else?
[20:25] <MotherForker> WMDe
[20:25] <SiskaDoviana> I think we need to make a decision that organizer comes first
[20:25] <SiskaDoviana> I'll talk to Laura
[20:25] <MotherForker> great!
[20:26] <SiskaDoviana> we need to calculate the money
[20:26] <MotherForker> aah ok
[20:26] <SiskaDoviana> Like AR is to venue
[20:26] <SiskaDoviana> also, I think Manuel sends an email that mentioning the money part
[20:27] <SiskaDoviana> ah it is there
[20:27] <SiskaDoviana> so we have liquid funding of 10,000 Euro and Euro 2,000
[20:27] <SiskaDoviana> will take some money out of it is Laura (Hale)
[20:28] <SiskaDoviana> Can anyone finds how much her cost will be? If I'm not mistaken AUD 2,000
[20:28] <SiskaDoviana> Beria, how much yours would cost? (calculate and revert that to AUD)
[20:29] <Beria> i already did
[20:29] <Beria> 3 weeks ago :P
[20:29] <SiskaDoviana> beatriz, if the money pooling is in Wikimedia Argentina, you have to do all the booking for the other participant
[20:29] <Beria> WMAU alrealdy know
[20:29] <SiskaDoviana> are you willing to do that
[20:29] <Beria> give 2 sec
[20:29] == Beria [~Beria@wikimedia/Beria] has quit [Quit: My vigour, vitality, and cheek repel me. I am the kind of woman I would run from.]
[20:30] <SiskaDoviana> ?
[20:30] <MotherForker> our problem is that we need to sign something like a contract with the one sending us the money
[20:30] <MotherForker> to get it in our bank
[20:30] <SiskaDoviana> ...
[20:30] <MotherForker> and they will get taxes for that
[20:30] <SiskaDoviana> you wanna pool it in Indonesia?
[20:30] <SiskaDoviana> We don't have to do that
[20:31] <MotherForker> if we receive moneif from a foreign country.. we have to proove that we are not doing money laundering and things like that
[20:31] <SiskaDoviana> I will have to email Manuel Schneider soon to wire the mney
[20:31] <SiskaDoviana> Indonesia has that too
[20:31] <MotherForker> we can do it, but we'll lose some money in tax and other issues
[20:31] <SiskaDoviana> but to a certain limit
[20:31] <SiskaDoviana> so I can asked WMAT to send it in batches
[20:31] <SiskaDoviana> or not
[20:31] <SiskaDoviana> I think the Euro 2,000 doesn't even include the limit
[20:32] <SiskaDoviana> Also, did you get WMF funding already?
[20:32] <SiskaDoviana> how difficult is to pay for things first and get reimburse later?
[20:32] <SiskaDoviana> (for example)
[20:32] <MotherForker> we have money exchange control
[20:32] <MotherForker> so we have to reimburse in argentine pesos
[20:32] <MotherForker> and you will not get us dollars after that
[20:33] <MotherForker> argentina is becoming like venezuela in this respect
[20:33] <MotherForker> you will note be able to change our pesos for dollars if you do not have a good reason for that.. and not, being a tourist or something like that is not enough :(
[20:33] <SiskaDoviana> I repeat my question, would you rather WMID become the money pool?
[20:34] <MotherForker> if that is possible, sound much better for us
[20:34] <SiskaDoviana> We can do that, whoever going to be the pool for money will need to decide fast
[20:35] <SiskaDoviana> ok, so it is set, I will send you WMID account number and I think as an official organizer you can say the money pool is in Indonesia
[20:35] <SiskaDoviana> we took care of the ticket booking or reimbursement
[20:35] <SiskaDoviana> (Beria) how much is it in AUD?
[20:35] <MotherForker> great
[20:35] <Beria> acording to google: 800 U.S. dollars = 760.095012 Australian dollars
[20:37] <Beria> you wanna the breakdown Siska?
[20:37] <Beria> i can sen d the expenses detailed :P
[20:40] <SiskaDoviana> don't worry, we'll calculate later for the people
[20:40] <SiskaDoviana> Bea, how much does it cost for venue and hotels?
[20:42] <MotherForker> venue is for free
[20:42] <MotherForker> and hotels, there's information on the wikipage, about Bauen Hotel
[20:42] <Beria> Siska, my 800 has the acommondation too
[20:42] <SiskaDoviana> ok 22 people attending, free venue, AUD 6,700 left, how much hotel cost and how many will need it
[20:43] <MotherForker> the one we used for wikimania in 2009
[20:43] <Beria> in bauen, for 4 nights (to attend both meetings) 136 USD
[20:49] <SiskaDoviana> For those of you who just join
[20:49] <JuanaDeArco> morning
[20:50] <JuanaDeArco> or afternoon, or evening, whatever
[20:50] <MotherForker> I will calculate on double rooms
[20:51] <MotherForker> for everyone, hope there's no problem with that
[20:51] <Beria> i did MotherForker
[20:51] == goldjian [cd9774e5@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #wikimedia-ar
[20:51] <Beria> 136 USD for 4 nights per person
[20:52] <MotherForker> great :D
[20:52] <SiskaDoviana> Wiki Women Camp Money pool: WMID Bank Account bounces
[20:52] <SiskaDoviana> can someone approve it
[20:52] == goldjian [cd9774e5@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Client Quit]
[20:53] <SiskaDoviana> but you already have money? Just incase some money promises didn't get in time in your bank account, you can cover for things first?
[20:53] <SiskaDoviana> yes/ no?
[20:54] <MotherForker> I have to ask our board, but yes, we do have money
[20:54] <SiskaDoviana> so another question is would *we* want to request money for the lodging or push for *travel*
[20:56] <MotherForker> if we can offer lodging that would be much better
[20:56] <MotherForker> for logistics, should we proceed with a reservation at bauen hotel ?
[20:56] <JuanaDeArco> how did you add up to 22/24?
[20:56] <MotherForker> it will be much better if we do it as a group , all together
[21:00] <SiskaDoviana> I need to write to Manuel to start wiring money, however, I could do that * only * if we agrees that the money is to pay for ticket (travel) not to pay for lodging
[21:01] <SiskaDoviana> if the left over was for lodging
[21:01] <SiskaDoviana> it has no point in wiring it to Indonesia
[21:02] <SiskaDoviana> the other option is if we are going to asked money to WMF rest assure it will be late (in receiving it), but since WMAR *already* have money, it's just a matter of * waiting * if they agree
[21:02] <MotherForker> if there is money for lodging, we can deal with that.. what i do want to avoid is reimbursements and things like that, but
[21:02] <MotherForker> if we receive the money.. with the appropiate documentation for the bank control we could pay the hotel here
[21:03] <SiskaDoviana> okay, so we need to decide
[21:03] <SiskaDoviana> what do we want the left over money for? Is it for airfare or for lodging?
[21:03] <SiskaDoviana> either way, the left over money is not enough
[21:03] <SiskaDoviana> I assume the food for the conference is no problem?
[21:03] <SiskaDoviana> it is included in WMAR budget? yes?
[21:04] <MotherForker> food for conference will be covered by WMAR
[21:04] <MotherForker> yes
[21:12] <SiskaDoviana> http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/WikiWomenCamp/Participation
[21:13] == Nicole_WMDE [~nicole@wikimedia/nicole-ebber] has joined #wikimedia-ar
[21:13] <Nicole_WMDE> hi
[21:13] <SiskaDoviana> Hi Nicole, to summarize
[21:13] <MotherForker> Hi Nicole!!
[21:13] <Nicole_WMDE> julia is not in the office and will only be able to join the chat on friday.
[21:14] <SiskaDoviana> we have <SiskaDoviana> total 25 people (assuming WMDE is sending 3 staff and 10 scholarship recipient) can you confirm the number?
[21:15] <SiskaDoviana> lodging calculated for 35 people cost Euro 7,500
[21:15] <Nicole_WMDE> I am also slightly informed and involved in the process, will try to answer your questions, but julia is better informed :)
[21:16] <Nicole_WMDE> just a sec, checking the numbers
[21:16] <SiskaDoviana> left over money is Euro 3,300 but either of the organizer (including Bea) have decided what to do with the money - whether to use it for lodging or to add it to the scholarship grant
[21:17] <Nicole_WMDE> right, we can sponsor 10 people and will be sending ~3 staff and board members
[21:17] <SiskaDoviana> if it is for airfare (left over money) will be wired to WMID to be handled
[21:17] <SiskaDoviana> but if it is for lodging, it will be wired to WMAR
[21:17] <SiskaDoviana> alright, may I asked how much 13 people lodging has been budgeted by WMDE?
[21:21] <Nicole_WMDE> we have budgeted around 1500 euro per person
[21:21] <Nicole_WMDE> this would include lodging and travel
[21:21] <SiskaDoviana> can you separate the lodging only?
[21:21] <SiskaDoviana> we're separating travel that been covered by its own party like WMAT, WMID, and WMDE
[21:22] <SiskaDoviana> the cost for lodging will be somewhere Euro 7,500 if Beria is correct in calculating
[21:22] <SiskaDoviana> I will ask USD 8,000 for travel grant
[21:23] <SiskaDoviana> to WMF
[21:25] <Nicole_WMDE> SiskaDoviana, can you discuss this with julia on friday or via email?
[21:25] <SiskaDoviana> If WMF said yes, and even if (they) haven't send the money yet, WMID could cover for the flight as long as we will receive the money within 30 days
[21:25] <Nicole_WMDE> i think it should not be a problem
[21:25] <SiskaDoviana> well, if you could give me just a rough estimate
[21:25] <SiskaDoviana> we would like to deduct that out of Euro 7,500
[21:25] <SiskaDoviana> so we could add up the numbers
[21:26] <SiskaDoviana> I will ask the grant in bulk for lodging and travel grant
[21:26] <Nicole_WMDE> as far as i remember bea sent julia a rough estimate of the costs per night
[21:26] <SiskaDoviana> 40 Euros x 13?
[21:26] <SiskaDoviana> would this make sense?
[21:27] <Nicole_WMDE> so you can use the price for one night * the nights they stay (which would be up to 5 nights i think)
[21:27] <Nicole_WMDE> 40 euros for 5 nights or per night?
[21:28] <SiskaDoviana> <Beria> 136 USD for 4 nights per person
[21:28] <SiskaDoviana> that's the cost
[21:28] <SiskaDoviana> but if you can bump it up in Euros, and just give the organizer the money
[21:28] <MotherForker> we would like you to stay for wikigenero too
[21:28] <MotherForker> so, if you could leave on sunday that will be better
[21:28] <SiskaDoviana> it will deduct the cost of Euro 7,500 for total
[21:29] <SiskaDoviana> so I know how much that I should *ask* to WMF for grant
[21:29] <SiskaDoviana> WMAR already agree that they have the *money* to cover the cost *pending* approval from their board
[21:29] <SiskaDoviana> so as long as WMF agree to give the grant, even if they money is late, WMAR could live with it
[21:29] <SiskaDoviana> right Bea?
[21:30] <MotherForker> yes,
[21:30] <MotherForker> of course, pending from board approval, but almost sure of that
[21:31] <SiskaDoviana> So Bea could just take care of the proper documentation for WMAR to start receiving money
[21:31] <SiskaDoviana> for lodging
[21:31] <SiskaDoviana> I think we should inform the participant that cost for meals need to be bore by themselves
[21:32] <MotherForker> what we need is a contract or a donation agreement saying that the money if for this event, project, and that we will use it for hotel, and so on..
[21:32] <SiskaDoviana> so it reduce the weight for the organizer to think about reimbursement
[21:32] <MotherForker> that would be enough i guesss
[21:32] <SiskaDoviana> Bea can you find out what is the limit amount for you to report?
[21:33] <SiskaDoviana> WMDE group can simply just walk up with the money and pay the hotel
[21:33] <SiskaDoviana> or pay you
[21:33] <SiskaDoviana> so no problem
[21:33] <MotherForker> ok
[21:33] <SiskaDoviana> but assuming that the grant will cover the rest of the people
[21:33] <MotherForker> i didn{ t understand your question
[21:33] <MotherForker> to report ?
[21:33] <SiskaDoviana> either WMF or me need to make the documentation saying we're wiring the money for hotel
[21:34] <SiskaDoviana> like for example
[21:34] <MotherForker> yes
[21:34] <SiskaDoviana> in Indonesia we need to report to the government if we are receiving foreign fund above USD 7,500
[21:34] <SiskaDoviana> below that, we didn't need to report
[21:34] <SiskaDoviana> do you have any amount limit?
[21:35] <MotherForker> nope, we need to report everything :(
[21:35] <SiskaDoviana> ok, that's good to know
[21:35] <SiskaDoviana> then we'll include everything ;-)
[21:35] <SiskaDoviana> Ok, I think that's a wrap people, until March 16
[21:36] <Nicole_WMDE> have you already decided when to meet/chat on friday?
[21:36] <Nicole_WMDE> same time?
[21:36] <MotherForker> i don't think i'll be available on friday
[21:36] <SiskaDoviana> Lodging cost Euro 7,500 (minus WMDE 13 people which would be cover by WMDE) - travel grant will be requested for USD 8,000 - lodging grant will be wired to WMAR, travel grant will be wired to WMID
[21:36] <MotherForker> i am travelling to Santiago for GLAMWiki there
[21:37] <SiskaDoviana> Nicole, I willl email the list once I figure out the timing
[21:37] <SiskaDoviana> on March 16
[21:37] <SiskaDoviana> sounds good?
[21:37] <Nicole_WMDE> perfect
[21:41] <SiskaDoviana> Ok ladies, I'm out
[21:41] <SiskaDoviana> see ya