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[18:37] == SiskaDoviana [7da702ef@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #wikiwomen
[18:37] <SiskaDoviana> Hi Everyne
[18:37] <SiskaDoviana> Sorry I'm late
[18:37] <Julia_WMDE_> Hi
[18:37] <SiskaDoviana> shall we begin?
[18:37] <SiskaDoviana> I would like to introduce Yana
[18:37] <Julia_WMDE_> Yea!
[18:38] <SiskaDoviana> She's *probably* going to take care of ticketing issues
[18:38] <SiskaDoviana> for those who would like to depart to Buenos Aires
[18:38] <SiskaDoviana> :p
[18:39] <Julia_WMDE_> :-)
[18:39] <SiskaDoviana> anyone present here receive what happened in the last discussion?
[18:39] <Julia_WMDE_> So, Nicole_WMDE and me have updated the google doc.
[18:39] <SiskaDoviana> I remember sending to Nicole and Beria, but couldn't find your email address
[18:39] <Julia_WMDE_> May everyone can have a look
[18:39] <SiskaDoviana> awesome
[18:40] <Julia_WMDE_> https://docs.google.com/a/wikimedia.or.id/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Akcd9ydOL6JQdFNxclVUUVM3dEFlYnFGUUE0RXVvaEE#gid=1
[18:40] <Julia_WMDE_> here it is
[18:40] <Julia_WMDE_> ;-)
[18:40] <SiskaDoviana> thanks
[18:40] <Julia_WMDE_> I guess is good to start with that
[18:40] <SiskaDoviana> so Kartika and I have been discussing worse case scenario
[18:40] <SiskaDoviana> I already set up *draft* request to WMF for funding
[18:42] <Julia_WMDE_> in short: WMDE can give 7000 Euros in the general pool.
[18:42] <Julia_WMDE_> you can see the braekdown on the first sheet
[18:43] <Beria> i'm seei ng this for the 1st time
[18:43] <Julia_WMDE_> By the way: My email: Julia.Kloppenburg@wikimedia.de :-)
[18:44] <SiskaDoviana> lwow
[18:44] <SiskaDoviana> sorry I was on the second sheet
[18:44] <SiskaDoviana> correcting details
[18:44] <Julia_WMDE_> I was there first as well
[18:44] <Julia_WMDE_> ;-)
[18:44] <SiskaDoviana> so this 7000 Euro is not included from the funding you will use to fund WMDE women coming in?
[18:45] <Julia_WMDE_> right
[18:45] <Nicole_WMDE> isn't it clear from what we wrote?
[18:45] <Nicole_WMDE> staff and board will be paid on top of the pool
[18:45] <SiskaDoviana> wrote where?
[18:45] <Nicole_WMDE> WMDE can give financial support (around 13.000 Euros + board & staff)
[18:45] <Nicole_WMDE> on the first sheet
[18:45] <SiskaDoviana> oh ya there, sorry I was in two windows
[18:45] <Nicole_WMDE> no worries
[18:46] <Nicole_WMDE> i was just hoping that we clearly stated it :)
[18:46] <SiskaDoviana> well then, in that case
[18:46] <SiskaDoviana> no need to beg to WMF
[18:46] <SiskaDoviana> and we can focus on the program instead
[18:46] <Nicole_WMDE> but these are the numbers we were talking about for the last couple of weeks
[18:46] <Julia_WMDE_> are 7000 Euros enough for covering all other women?
[18:47] <SiskaDoviana> I think so
[18:47] <Julia_WMDE_> ok!
[18:47] <SiskaDoviana> I mean to be honest there are concern from the movement that a lot of people will use this for a free ride
[18:47] <SiskaDoviana> * travel agency *
[18:48] <SiskaDoviana> so I think it is okay not to be able to *help* all those that wants to go
[18:48] <SiskaDoviana> but to be pretty selective on who is able to go
[18:48] <SiskaDoviana> I think it is make sense
[18:48] <Julia_WMDE_> but this is a gereneral concern with international conferences.....
[18:48] <SiskaDoviana> I thought WMDE going to send out 13 women all from Germany
[18:48] <Julia_WMDE_> then you can´t do such meetings ;-)
[18:48] <SiskaDoviana> and finished up WMDE funding
[18:49] <Julia_WMDE_> No that was misunderstanding
[18:49] <SiskaDoviana> and I go, perhaps we should do it in Germany instead, because it's like half of the participant *grin *
[18:49] <SiskaDoviana> yeah, so Kartika and I calculate fiercely on worse case scenario
[18:49] <SiskaDoviana> from last meeting, it is concluded that WMAR will not be the chapters that do pooling
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[18:49] == Kartika [70d7423e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #wikiwomen
[18:50] <SiskaDoviana> since all money transfer to WMAR will be scrutinize for money laundrying
[18:50] <Nicole_WMDE> SiskaDoviana, that's why we are asking them for their motivation and planned input to the confernce
[18:50] <SiskaDoviana> WMID offer to be the chapters that pool for ticket
[18:50] <Nicole_WMDE> and also their goals and to write reports and everything
[18:50] <SiskaDoviana> well, we already have that in mind
[18:51] <Nicole_WMDE> there should be sth. like a jury who then decides who should go and who not
[18:51] <SiskaDoviana> unfortunately since Laura went AWOL and Anne can not make it
[18:51] <SiskaDoviana> I would *honestly* would like to discuss the program
[18:51] <SiskaDoviana> here's the thing Nicole
[18:51] <SiskaDoviana> even without project track record
[18:51] <SiskaDoviana> I would still vouch a highly motivated women to go
[18:52] <Nicole_WMDE> yes
[18:52] <SiskaDoviana> since they probably need 1) inspiration 2) network 3) technical help
[18:52] <SiskaDoviana> which the *experience women* can provide
[18:52] <Nicole_WMDE> but she should convince us of her being the right person to go their and to bring results for the movement
[18:52] <SiskaDoviana> I'm happy to interview all women
[18:53] <SiskaDoviana> that request for entry
[18:53] <SiskaDoviana> but I also have condition
[18:53] <Nicole_WMDE> right, thats what we say in the announcement of the scholarships and what you also say on the meta page
[18:53] <SiskaDoviana> on certain women given privilege first
[18:53] <Nicole_WMDE> women from in and outside the movement are invited
[18:53] <SiskaDoviana> since they are best practice
[18:54] <SiskaDoviana> because I know she can share things up to technical details
[18:54] <Nicole_WMDE> i don't think we need to discuss single persons at this early stage, do we?
[18:54] <SiskaDoviana> well the thing is it is related to the programm
[18:54] <SiskaDoviana> again IF ANNE is here
[18:54] <SiskaDoviana> I would suggest a speed dating project
[18:54] <SiskaDoviana> but since the facilitator is not here *shrug *
[18:55] <SiskaDoviana> for first day only
[18:55] <SiskaDoviana> to enable speed dating, you need to determine the focus of the conference
[18:55] <SiskaDoviana> if not *single woman* entry is useless to be discussed and yes, you are correct
[18:55] <Julia_WMDE_> the wmde community have time to apply until next Friday
[18:56] <Julia_WMDE_> at this time the people can still apply
[18:56] <Julia_WMDE_> so we don´t know who will go
[18:57] <SiskaDoviana> ok, no problem
[18:57] <SiskaDoviana> I'm happy to interview them
[18:57] <SiskaDoviana> at least the international one
[18:57] <SiskaDoviana> *with voice*
[18:57] <SiskaDoviana> I only need about 10 minutes to determine whether they are for real or fraud *giggles*
[18:57] <Nicole_WMDE> yes, we also prefer an international jury
[18:58] <Julia_WMDE_> yes
[18:58] <Nicole_WMDE> to make the decision not so europ-centrated
[18:58] <Nicole_WMDE> europe
[18:58] <SiskaDoviana> ok then
[18:58] <SiskaDoviana> So let's close the entry in Friday
[18:58] <SiskaDoviana> we will close participation project in Friday
[18:58] <Nicole_WMDE> we as WMDE would form a jury for the appplicants from the DE community and would love to have some of you build a committee for the international ones
[18:58] <SiskaDoviana> Yo Beria, can you make a template as for participation close in Friday?
[18:59] <SiskaDoviana> cool
[18:59] <Julia_WMDE_> maybe one week longer....
[18:59] <SiskaDoviana> so we interview *everyone* but WMDE ones
[18:59] <SiskaDoviana> I'd asked what going on with WMAT
[18:59] <SiskaDoviana> and whether they need our help to select
[18:59] <Julia_WMDE_> ...because at the moment we need a little bit to convince some active women to takte the time...
[18:59] <Nicole_WMDE> german speaking community would include people from AT and CH
[19:00] <SiskaDoviana> *laughs* to be honest though Manuel already told me that they're having problem locating MEN who is willing to go, WOMEN is close to non existent
[19:00] <SiskaDoviana> OK
[19:00] <SiskaDoviana> so I just tell manuel to put WMAT money of Euro 5,000 to WMDE?
[19:00] <Julia_WMDE_> jupp ;-)
[19:01] <SiskaDoviana> clear then
[19:01] <Julia_WMDE_> it´s ok for me
[19:01] <SiskaDoviana> consider it's done
[19:01] <Julia_WMDE_> I get in contact with Manuel
[19:01] <SiskaDoviana> so WMAT 5,000 will be sent to WMDE
[19:01] <SiskaDoviana> now
[19:01] <SiskaDoviana> lodging!
[19:01] <Nicole_WMDE> we cannot decide on this
[19:01] <SiskaDoviana> Speaking on behalf of Beatriz
[19:02] <SiskaDoviana> I think the *only* funding needed will be for lodging
[19:02] <Nicole_WMDE> we have to ask manuel if they would be willing to do so, because they clearly said that they will sponsor women from AT
[19:02] == Beria [~Beria@wikimedia/Beria] has quit [Ping timeout: 260 seconds]
[19:02] <SiskaDoviana> sorry Nicole
[19:02] <SiskaDoviana> let me rephare
[19:02] <Julia_WMDE_> Sorry, I was to fast...
[19:02] <SiskaDoviana> the Euro 5,000 will *still* need to go to women from WMAT
[19:02] <SiskaDoviana> it's just they don't have the human resource to take care of it
[19:03] <Nicole_WMDE> ahhhhh
[19:03] <Nicole_WMDE> I see
[19:03] <SiskaDoviana> if it is easier for WMDE to arrange that
[19:03] <SiskaDoviana> great!
[19:03] <SiskaDoviana> Since Julia already said WMDE probably will include women from Austria and so on
[19:03] <Nicole_WMDE> julia will get in touch with manuel. ok. now i got it, sorry. :)
[19:03] <Julia_WMDE_> OK
[19:03] <SiskaDoviana> so why not put WMAT in WMDE money instead so there won't be double Austrians
[19:03] <SiskaDoviana> :D
[19:04] <SiskaDoviana> ok we're clear on the funding part
[19:04] <SiskaDoviana> just one last question
[19:04] <SiskaDoviana> although the Euro 7,000 ones will be enough to cover *all* flights for those women selected to go
[19:04] <SiskaDoviana> would WMDE mind if it turns out that some of the money went to lodging?
[19:05] <Nicole_WMDE> we calculated with 1500 per person for flights AND lodging
[19:05] <SiskaDoviana> because our calculation still shows all women lodging need Euro 7,500 (I think)
[19:05] <SiskaDoviana> how much is the lodging per person?
[19:05] <Julia_WMDE_> I calculated 50 Euro/night (like Bea told me) for around 5 nights
[19:06] <SiskaDoviana> great
[19:06] <SiskaDoviana> so all WMDE participant will have lodging money handy
[19:06] <SiskaDoviana> right?
[19:06] <Julia_WMDE_> yes
[19:06] <SiskaDoviana> so we will calculate all lodging needed BUT the WMDE one
[19:06] <SiskaDoviana> I think this is the only issue that need to be resolve funding wise
[19:07] <SiskaDoviana> so how many are you sending out to Buenos Aires?
[19:07] == Raystorm_ [~Raystorm@] has joined #wikiwomen
[19:07] <SiskaDoviana> wait let me see the google docs
[19:07] <Raystorm_> hi!
[19:07] <SiskaDoviana> Hi Maria
[19:07] <SiskaDoviana> Link for you
[19:07] <SiskaDoviana> [18:40] <SiskaDoviana> *hold on (trying to find link) [18:40] <Julia_WMDE_>https://docs.google.com/a/wikimedia.or.id/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Akcd9ydOL6JQdFNxclVUUVM3dEFlYnFGUUE0RXVvaEE#gid=1 [18:40] <Julia_WMDE_> here it is
[19:07] <SiskaDoviana> help yourself!
[19:07] <Raystorm_> thanks!
[19:08] <SiskaDoviana> Five to six people
[19:08] <SiskaDoviana> great
[19:08] <SiskaDoviana> Ok so the next thing is to comprise an international Jury
[19:10] <SiskaDoviana> Anyone from DE want to become a jury?
[19:10] <SiskaDoviana> I say put male as a jury
[19:10] <SiskaDoviana> they are neutral
[19:10] <SiskaDoviana> they're not going to go anyway
[19:11] <Raystorm_> er, jury for what siska?
[19:11] <SiskaDoviana> if you see the google docs
[19:11] <SiskaDoviana> WMDE gives Euro 7,000 for airfare/ lodging
[19:11] <SiskaDoviana> so the only funding needed is for lodging
[19:11] <SiskaDoviana> and I don't like the idea *everyone applies* could go
[19:12] <SiskaDoviana> so there should be some sort of jury to decide who can go
[19:12] <SiskaDoviana> it's already *most* women in the list could go
[19:12] <SiskaDoviana> minus they won't have lodging
[19:12] <SiskaDoviana> also Kartika and I has been discussing
[19:13] <Raystorm_> ah
[19:13] <SiskaDoviana> it's easier for the organizer if the participant also chip in i.e. minor little things like perdiem, visa, and transport to and from airport
[19:13] <SiskaDoviana> meaning using their own money
[19:13] <SiskaDoviana> we will pay for lodging and airfare
[19:13] <SiskaDoviana> so it's kinda fair
[19:13] <Raystorm_> frak, I need to revise my cost estimates, they went up a LOT! http://www.iberia.com/OneToOne/v3/dispatchSearchFormHOME.do?BV_SessionID=@@@@0534188409.1331899736@@@@&BV_EngineID=ccdhadfgelldifjcfngcfkmdfhmdfnj.0
[19:13] <SiskaDoviana> no need to panic
[19:14] <SiskaDoviana> we'll calculate again
[19:14] <Raystorm_> I updated the gdoc. damn
[19:14] <SiskaDoviana> am sure everyone went up significantly
[19:14] <Raystorm_> it was so cheap two months ago :(
[19:14] <SiskaDoviana> yeah, try three months ago, you still can't go back in time
[19:14] <SiskaDoviana> anyway
[19:14] <Raystorm_> heh
[19:15] <SiskaDoviana> I think we're good
[19:15] <SiskaDoviana> so Jury is in the agenda
[19:15] <SiskaDoviana> requesting *additional funding* for lodging
[19:15] <SiskaDoviana> WMAR already cover food and venue
[19:15] <SiskaDoviana> we are aiming for 35 people total
[19:16] <SiskaDoviana> (but that would be if WMDE contribute 13, so we need to calculate, previously we thought WMDE send 13, now only 6)
[19:16] <Raystorm_> fantastic
[19:16] <Raystorm_> oh
[19:17] <SiskaDoviana> * thinking *
[19:17] <SiskaDoviana> http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Grants:Wiki_Women_Camp/Lodging_and_Travel_Grant
[19:17] <SiskaDoviana> I will fill out this
[19:17] <SiskaDoviana> Julia/ Nicole, we still have Friday for Jury duty right?
[19:18] <SiskaDoviana> Open call still on going?
[19:18] <Julia_WMDE_> yes, and as I said we may need one week more
[19:18] <SiskaDoviana> Can we decide whether it is best to conclude Friday or next Friday?
[19:19] <SiskaDoviana> I'm happy to close *this* Friday for international ones since it will take time to take care of visas
[19:19] <SiskaDoviana> so next Friday for *international women* probably not the best option
[19:19] <Julia_WMDE_> I see, for WMDE women we need more time
[19:19] <SiskaDoviana> Ok, let's wrap it at in that
[19:20] <SiskaDoviana> Julia will contact Manuel to transfer Euro 5,000 from WMAT to WMDE
[19:20] <Julia_WMDE_> I´ll do
[19:20] <SiskaDoviana> in the case that WMAT already conclude who is going, that this doesn't need to be done
[19:20] <SiskaDoviana> Just coordinate whether WMDE name and WMAT name is not double up
[19:21] <SiskaDoviana> WMID will re-calculate how much is needed for travel grant
[19:21] <Julia_WMDE_> ok
[19:21] <SiskaDoviana> based on rough calculation, Euro 7,000 seem to be enough, but this is news to us and we haven't calculate properly
[19:22] <SiskaDoviana> We still need funding for lodging
[19:22] <SiskaDoviana> all participants advised that cost for food, visa, and non-airfare transport should be bore personally
[19:22] <SiskaDoviana> (except one from WMDE and WMAT)
[19:23] <SiskaDoviana> and calculated as personal contribution to participate in the conference
[19:23] <SiskaDoviana> WMAR confirm (since last meeting) that venue and food will be bore by WMAR
[19:23] <SiskaDoviana> In the case that grant for lodging is received from, say, WMF, and the decision is late, WMAR willing to cover it until the grant is accepted
[19:23] == AsimovBot [~AsimovBot@wikimedia/-jem-/bot/AsimovBot] has quit [Ping timeout: 260 seconds]
[19:24] <SiskaDoviana> to be form and decided in two weeks is Jury for women participation
[19:25] <Julia_WMDE_> Yea, two weeks are good. More or less we have discussed everything for today? May we can set up another meeting for talking about the program in the beginning of April? [19:25] <SiskaDoviana> all-international-women attendees that will need travel grant are advise to stand by for interview this Friday *international* and next Friday for DE/AT
[19:25] <Julia_WMDE_> ..after we know who is coming
[19:25] <SiskaDoviana> sounds good
[19:25] <SiskaDoviana> we can wrap it
[19:26] <SiskaDoviana> and I will fix the meta page to reflect the changes
[19:26] <SiskaDoviana> see you in the beginning of April after Chapter's meeting!
[19:26] <SiskaDoviana> am sure all of you in WMDE will be busy :D
[19:26] <Julia_WMDE_> :-)
[19:28] <Julia_WMDE_> Ok, now I´m hungry and will have lunch....
[19:28] <SiskaDoviana> ok bye bye
[19:28] <Julia_WMDE_> as it is lunch time here!
[19:28] <SiskaDoviana> it's dinner in here
[19:28] <Julia_WMDE_> everyboday have a good day!
[19:28] <Julia_WMDE_> Bye!
[19:29] <SiskaDoviana> and we can kick Maria for bringing up the food subject
[19:29] <SiskaDoviana> Bye!