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Wikimedia Indonesia relies mainly on the generous support from individuals. Please consider making your donation today or by offering voluntary work. The benefactors' page is dedicated to some of the companies and individuals whose helping to sustain the Wikimedia Indonesia projects. However, the organization maintain its project in dependency by does not necessarily endorse the activities of its Corporate Benefactors.

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Logo Cipta Media Bersama1.jpg
Cipta Media Bersama is an open call for media projects that aims to support new and innovative ideas and practices that promote citizen rights and equitable media access in Indonesia. The open call will provide grants to a total of one million dollars for projects that can demonstrate best practices in promoting diversity, equity, openness and ethical media practices. The goal of Cipta Media Bersama is to advance the rights of poor and excluded populations in establishing, accessing and participating in a representative media environment.
Supported by:

A colaboration project of Wikimedia Indonesia and Lontar Foundation to enrich biography articles of Indonesian writers on Indonesian and English Wikipedia. The training will be lasted from October-December 2011 and the expected outcome is 300 combination articles about Indonesian writers biography, their published works, and book publishers.
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Workshops/ Seminars/ Participation

WikiWomenCamp 2012.png
25-27 May 2012, Buenos Aires - WikiWomenCamp 2012.
WikiWomenCamp 2012 is an open-conference for women behind Wikimedia movement. They were actively participating in the discussions, sharing stories and experiences about their Wiki projects in their countries, and learn from each others. Chief and Secretary General of Wikimedia Indonesia also attended the conference. (See more..)
Wikimedia Deutschland-Logo.png
30 March - 1 April 2012, Berlin, Germany - Chapters Meeting 2012.
Chapters Meeting 2012 is a yearly conference attended by representatives of all Wikimedia Chapters around the world and the board and staff of Wikimedia Foundation. As many as 80 participants from 40 countries attended this conference. This event was organized and sponsored by Wikimedia Deutschland. (Complete report..)
27 February - 3 March 2012, Bandung - Sundanese Wikipedia Exhibition 2012.
Sundanese Wikipedia Exhibition 2012 was held in Indonesian Education University (UPI), Bandung, purposed to introduce Sundanese Wikipedia to the participants, particularly those who work as Sundanese language teachers and junior- and senior- high school students. The Project Director of Sundapedia 2011, Aditya Gunawan, also came to discuss some further projects related with Sundanese Wikipedia. (Complete report..)
Wikimedia France Logo.png
17-19 February 2012, Paris, France - Finance Meeting 2012.
Wikimedia Finance Meeting 2012 is an internal discussion between Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) and local Wikimedia Chapters about fundraising and fund disseminaion. This event was sponsored by Wikimedia France. Appointed as representative of Wikimedia Indonesia is Siska Doviana, WMID Chair. (Complete report..)
Summit 2011 Colour Logo cropped.png
16-18 September 2011, Warsawa, Poland - Creative Commons Global Summit 2011. Around 70 Creative Commons affiliates from all over the world attended Creative Commons (CC) Global Summit 201. Wikimedia Indonesia as official Creative Commons affiliate in Indonesia send its representative Ivan Lanin and Ari Juliano Gema as Creative Commons Indonesia public lead and legal lead travel scholarship provided by Creative Commons Internasional and other expenses were contributed by PT Saling Silang. ( Complete report...)

Board details

Wikimedia Indonesia Board of Trustees and Board of Executives are two management boards under the ultimate decision authority of the General Meeting of Members to direct the activities of the Association. The Association bylaws can be seen at the Wikimedia Indonesia Bylaws. Other policies set by the Boards may be seen at Policies.

The latest Board decisions may be found at Resolutions and the other association's rules can be seen at Rules.

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Wikipedians and Open Street Map Meet-up
Oktober 24 2012 Wikipediawan dan Open Street Map.jpg

Wikipediawan meet with the Open Street Map Team at Indonesia's National Library, Jakarta in a workshop on October 25th, 2012. In this workshop, participants contributed to Wikipedia by improving and creating "TransJakarta" and "Jakarta's street" related articles. Participants then scavanged for pictures of public transportation and streets in Jakarta to be uploaded to Wikimedia Commons. Australian Wikipedian, John Vandenberg, and Wikipedian from The Philippines, Josh Lim, were also participated in this event. More on this... (October 2012)

Creative Commons Indonesia on Social Media Festival 2012

Oktober 12 2012 CCID SocMedFest.jpg

Creative Commons Indonesia joined the festivities of Social Media Festival 2012 on October 12-13th, 2012 at Gelanggang Senayan, Jakarta. When visiting Creative Commons Indonesia's booth, the participants seemed very interested and enthusiastic on getting more information about the license. One hundred Free Culture book by Prof. Lawrence Lessig was given away for free for the visitors. More from our blog... (October 2012)

Wikimedia Indonesia Financial Report 2011 was Published Wikimedia Indonesia had published its Financial report for the year 2011. The chart of account in this report uses the newly revised one which was designed to accommodate the financial transactions for organization and its many projects. This report covers the activity of organizational finance as well as three big projects under Wikimedia Indonesia, namely Cipta Media Bersama, Wikimedia Cipta, and Creative Commons Indonesia

The financial report is now available for public through this link: Activities in Brief 2011, Balance Sheet 2011, Statements of Activities 2011, Statements of Cash Flow 2011, Notes (October 2012)

Laporan keuangan.png

Wikimedia Indonesia Financial Reports are Republished Wikimedia Indonesia republished its financial reports for the year 2008, 2009, and 2010. This is due to a revision of chart of account since 2012 which demanded all previous years financial report to be reformat. The new chart of accounts was designed to be able to accomodate the financial transactions of the organizattion as well as its many projects. Wikimedia Indonesia Financial Report can be accessed for public through this link: Financial report 2008, Financial report 2009, Financial report 2010 (October 2012)

Job Opening for Accounting Assistant
800px-Wikimedia Indonesia Internship Program.jpg

Wikimedia Indonesia opens a part-time job offer for the position of Accounting Assistant. The work period will be from pNovember 2012 until February 2013. This position is suitable for fresh graduates from Accounting Department or students who are working on their thesis. More info regarding compensation, job description, and qualification can be found here... (September 2012)

Pilot Project of Wiki Medika

Wikimedia Indonesia and ISMKI (Association of Indonesian Medical Student Council) planned to do WikiMedika project in the coming year. This project hoped to increase the number as well as the quality of medical articles in Indonesia Wikipedia. Read more... (July 2012)

Screening of Truth in Numbers Movie
Truth in Numbers film poster.jpg

Wikimedia Indonesia in collaboration with AtAmerica will present the screening of a documentary movie about Wikipedia, " Truth in Numbers: Everything, According to Wikipedia". The director of that movie, Nic Hill will participate in the discussion through video conference. This event will be held in July 28th, 2012 at 11 AM in @America, Pacific Place, 3rd floor. See more... (July 2012)

Launching of Creative Commons Lisence for Indonesia

Ccid logo.png

Discussion and socialization of six CC and CCO translated lisence concepts will be held in Jakarta on June, 6-7th 2012. This discussion will intend to generate better and well-understood translation drafts for public. Creative Commons License can be used as alternative license agreement according to Law number 19, 2002 about copyright. . click to get invitation... (June 2012)


Wikimania 2014 will be held in London, UK.

WikiMania London 2014.png

London was officially announced as the host of 10th Wikimania in August, 8-10th, 2013. The other team who competed for 10th Wikimania bidding is Arusha, Tanzania. More via Meta Wikimedia (May 2013)

Wikimania 2012 was held in Washington DC.

Wikimania 2012 logo.png

The 8th annual conference for wikipedians, known as Wikimania, was held on July, 12-15 2012. This conference took place at George Washington University in Washington DC., USA. On this occasion, chapters representatives also had a chance to discuss the corporation of Wikimedia Chapters Association. More on Wikimania 2012 (July 2012)

Wikimedia Chapters Meeting 2012 will be held in Berlin, Germany

Wikimedia Conference logo.jpg

Upcoming annual meeting of chapter representatives from all over the world with WMF board and staff will be held in Berlin, Germany, on March 30 - April 1, 2012. The host chapter, Wikimedia Deutschland, invites two representatives from all chapters to join this Wikimedia Conference. More via Meta-Wikimedia (January 2011)

Wikimedia Foundation Projects

Wikimedia Indonesia supports but does not have any control over the wiki projects of the Wikimedia Foundation in Bahasa Indonesia and other languages used in Indonesia.

We encourage you to share your contributions at wiki projects:

Privacy policy:

Privacy Policy: When you browse the web sites of the Wikimedia projects, we will not collect more information than what is normally collected by server logs. If you contribute (writing/editing) in one part of the Wikimedia Indonesia sites, you are publishing to the public every word that you save. You should assume that anything you write will remain there forever. It includes articles, user pages, talk pages and other pages on these web sites.