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Resolusi Affiliation of the Creative Commons Corporation in Indonesia
This resolution approves the submission of Wikimedia Indonesia as an Indonesian affiliation of Creative Commons Corporation

Jakarta, 25 November 2008

The Board of Trustees approved the Executive Director proposal to submit Wikimedia Indonesia Association as the Indonesian affiliation for creative commons effort initiated by Creative Commons Corporation[1].

This resolution was approved based on the following reasons:

  • In accordance the Association's goal to distribute open source knowledge materials, the Association and other open sources organisations will eventually need a legal standing position for all the materials distributed.
  • The GNU Free Documentation License[2], currently used as a standard for all Wikimedia Foundation projects, although universally applied, does not provide a locally legal context which otherwise provided by the Creative Commons Licenses if the licenses hosted and adopted in Indonesia.
  • The Creative Commons Licenses are capable to provide a local legal foundation (in Indonesia) which is needed to accompany the GFDL[3].

Approved by 3 of 3 votes.