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Salmaan Haroon

Salmaan Haroon (User:Theo10011) is an Indian national, born and raised in New Delhi. His background is primarily from the commercial/business sector. Salmaan attended Delhi University as a Bachelor of commerce student. He started out managing his family's business close to a decade ago. He also worked as a trader in commodities, currencies and stock futures for a few years. He have travelled extensively during the course of his work, dealing with client negotiations and a lot international issues. Salmaan is a bilingual, his mother tongues are Hindi and English, along with some variation of dialect and written systems. He can understand Spanish and to a certain degree, Portuguese. He is also keenly interested in learning Latin, which gives him some comfort dealing in most romance languages.


Salmaan's involvement in Wikipedia started when he became a contributor to the English Wikipedia, under username Theo10011. He was also extensively involved in the WMF strategic plan formulation, primarily focusing on financial sustainability. He proposed a Wiki-fund, an endowment fund for WMF at the time. He remained active within the strategy-space, going through all the pages on that wiki, and to some extent Meta. Salmaan briefly worked for WMF on the fundraiser, which gave him a different perspective on what the staff thought and saw. He was later involved in the Movement Roles group, where he proposed a Chapters council and a classification system for entities. Aside from that, he has been heavily involved in the fundraising discussion suggesting a tiered approach, and being a strong proponent of decentralized fundraising. He has organized several meetups and events in the past. Most of Salmaan's activity on Meta these days, is limited to Wikimedia and governance-related areas.


Salmaan believes that WMF and the movement is at a critical juncture now than it has ever been. Decisions, taken now will shape what our movement will look like in years to come. Wikimedia foundation is in a much stronger position now than it was 2 years ago, the staff is more than twice of what it was, the budget too, has expanded several times. The focus should be better international representation, multicultural interaction, better financial control, and know-how about target geographies. He believes in better communication from the board, with decisive actions. He respects the project and community's sovereignty, and against to change or modify with things like the controversial-content filter. He is against continuous and ongoing research projects, which don't have any measurable ROI (Return on Investment). He would like to see more development within Mediawiki, to better customize it for non-flagship projects. He is also not in favor of rapidly expanding the staff with random consultants, designers and analysts, without addressing the core issues of the day.