Shared Working Space Between WMID-HOT OSM-World Wide Web Foundation

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Housewarming party attended by WMID Members, HOTOSM Staff, and Web Foundation

Co-working Space Between WMID-HOT OSM-World Wide Web Foundation is an agreement between Wikimedia Indonesia, Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT OSM), and World Wide Web Foundation (Open Data Lab Jakarta) to share an office to support operational and administrative activities of the three non-profit organisations. WMID, HOT OSM, and Web Foundation works focus in open-source technology which encourages public participation.

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Partnership between WMID and HOT OSM was started in 2013 by sharing working space in Thamrin, Jakarta. This partnership attracted the attention of Web Foundation, who was planning to start the Open Data Lab Jakarta. In May 2014, the three organisations came to decision in sharing working space in Menteng, Jakarta.

Siska Doviana as Wikimedia Indonesia's Chair signed the agreement document to use the building as working space, meeting point, and gathering facility for staff and members of the three organisations during 2014-2015 projects activities.


WMID-HOT OSM- Web Foundation Headquarter
Jl. Pati No. 1, Menteng, Jakarta Pusat
DKI Jakarta 10310
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Gathering, meeting, and training


The main room of WMID-HOTOSM-WebFoundation HQ is comfortable to host up to 25 people for gathering, meeting, or training which facilities includes desks, chairs, flat screen TV accessible via laptop, projector screen, and speakers if audio is needed. The HQ also has a meeting room which fits 14 people equipped with big round table, chairs, and a white board. The HQ is fully equipped with air conditioner and high speed wi-fi internet connection, and also has kitchen and cooking utensils.

Accommodation for guests from outside Jakarta or abroad

WMID-HOTOSM-WebFoundation also has bedrooms to host up to four guests from outside Jakarta or abroad. Satu kamar besar dengan tempat tidur untuk dua orang dan satu kamar besar dengan dua buah tempat tidur perorangan. Facilities include:

  1. One bedroom has a queen-size bed with pillows and blankets
    Kamar 1 tempat tidur
  2. One bedroom has two single-bed with pillows and blankets
    Kamar 2 tempat tidur
  3. Air conditioner
  4. TV cable
  5. Wi-fi internet
  6. Bathroom with bathtub and hot water
  7. cabinet
  8. Towel
  9. Praying equipment