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Press Release/Launching of Free Knowledge Competition 2010

Press Release

To be published immidiately
Jakarta, May 20, 2010

Top Five Indonesian Wikipedia Editor from Academic Circle Crowned on National Awakening Day

Wikipedia Bahasa Indonesia writing competition "Free Your Knowledge in 2010" currently on going on Day-50 successfully identify five top editors from academic circles. Top five winners was awarded with laptops containing a free source software symbolize the soul of the competition.

Kartika Sari Henry from Biotechnology Faculty UNIKA Atma Jaya leading for first and second round of the competition, with her article Bioluminensi receiving top score in first round; runner up, Hans Abdiel from Sekolah Tinggi Teologi Jakarta (School of Theology) proudly published Thomas Hobbes, highest quality score for the second round. Three other winners were: Dordia Anindita Rotinsulu from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Institut Pertanian Bogor; Lukianto Cahyadi Biotechnology Faculty UNIKA Atma Jaya; Ivonne Christiani from Faculty of Economics and Business for Hotel Management, Binus University. The competition still on going to determine best of the best to attend Wikimania 2010 Conference on July in Gdansk, Poland.

Wikipedia Bahasa Indonesia writing competition held as a way to recruit new volunteers from academics circle to participate in free knowledge movement and in the same time enriching Indonesian language articles content using wiki based technology via internet. Director General of Telematics Applications, Ashwin Sasongko, mentioned that, "The effort is a concrete step toward realizing a healthy internet to the people of Indonesia."

On day-45 competition, more than 150 articles on Wikipedia Bahasa Indonesia generated or enhance to a better quality article, however on day-50 competition as participants acquire more knowledge on to edit their contributions doubles, producing more than 350 articles. Five days differ in competition has increasing the number of quantity and quality of the articles. Out of 87 participants competing in the beginning of the competition, only 33 left in second round.

The project cost 138 million Rupiah and being funded by grant from Ford Foundation, Wikimedia Foundation and Pertamina. This competition is an effort to improve the quality and quantity of articles in Indonesian language Wikipedia.

Indonesian language Wikipedia is the biggest free encyclopedia website in Indonesian language. All articles in the website are contributed and maintained by by volunteers. It has more than 124 thousand articles in May 2010 and receive 1.2 million visits every day (Feb 2010 data).

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  • All of the statistics obtained through Wikimedia Foundation part-time analyst, Erik Zachte.
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