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Jakarta, 30 January 2017

Wikimedia Indonesia’s Besut Kode participants win Google Code-in 2016 competition

Two of Wikimedia Indonesia’s Besut Kode high school participants, Muhammad Kaisar Arkhan (16) from SMAN 91, Jakarta and Raefaldhi Amartya Junior (16) from SMAN 12, Bandung won the prestigious international open source coding competition held by Google in late 2016: Google Code-in. Wikimedia Indonesia’s Besut Kode is a mentoring-competition program to do open source coding in national scale for high school and university organized by Wikimedia Indonesia and funded by the Ford Foundation Indonesia under the Community Involvement grants to support Media and Technology. Other Besut Kode participants, Rafid Aslam (15) from SMAN 1 Kebumen finishes as finalists in Google Code-in 2016, this is an achievements on itself because there aren’t many fifteen years old can make it as a Google Code-in finalist. In total there are three Google Code-in winners from Indonesia, including Scott Moses Sunarto from Jakarta, but the latter name is not a participant Besut Kode High School.

Google Code-in is an international open source coding competition for 13-17 years old participants organized by Google. The competition this year have 17 organizations participating and enrolled by 1,374 participants from 62 countries. Each organizations could select two grand prize winners (and one adult escort) to attend a four days meet and greet conference between mentors and other winners in Googleplex San Fransisco, U.S. This year Indonesia grabs three out of 34 winning position from three different organizations.

Besut Kode High School was launched online on June 27, 2016 with a series of mathematical tasks from Project Euler and problem solving skill by identification and structuring problems in open source software projects. The training-competition program is funded by Ford Foundation grant for Community Involvement to support Media and Technology. It highlight the difficulty of finding talent for IT open source technical capabilities for non-profit organizations in Indonesia, especially with the international knowledge edge.

Since the launch, the free of charge program enrolled 290 high school participants from 49 cities in Indonesia, participants are accepted in three waves, but only seven participants manage to complete the program. Trained by John Mark Vandenberg (mentor) and Tasya Aditya Rukmana (winner of the Google Code-in 2014), the participants receives online guide and face to face as they are flown in from their respective cities to Jakarta to receive intensive mentoring and meet other participants.

John Vandenberg, Besut Kode mentor states that the technology training programs outside of school is important to hone talents of children who have earned high school level programming skills in school. "These talents need mentoring and other participants of the same age to measure their level of ability. Without mentoring and other kids of the same interest, they will be lost and will have difficulties to develop what they know, especially for children outside Java / big cities in Indonesia. "

While the program manager from Besut Kode, Siska Doviana, states that high school students in Indonesia end up learning (too much) in a short period of time to catch up with the things that they do not know in the international level competition Google Code-in. "This victory shows where Indonesian children can be when they received good training. It is time as citizens of Indonesia we stop hoping on luck and investing in knowledge and intensive training that led to the knowledge and ability in tackling international technical issues. " Wikimedia Indonesia also launch Besut Kode University’s mentoring-competition program on 21 September 2016 while doing five cities roadshows in Indonesia (Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Lampung, and Samarinda). The registration closed on 20 October 2016 and intensive mentoring for University level still on going.

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