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Press Release/Launching of Free Knowledge Competition 2010

Press Release

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Jakarta, March 30, 2010

Free Knowledge 2010 Supported by 10 Universities in Jakarta, Bogor and Tangerang

Wikimedia Indonesia an independent association established by Indonesian volunteers, launched a writing competition in Indonesian language Wikipedia titled: "Free Knowledge 2010". The competition was launch as a way to attract new talented young volunteers from academic circles to participate in free knowledge movement and enriching Indonesian language content through wiki based platform in the Internet. General Director of Telematics Applications, Ashwin Sasongko, in his speech stated that, "Accessing the Internet became valuable when the information is available, enriching Indonesian-language articles become important to be written by anyone who is able to write them".

Randomly selected 10 universities in Jakarta, Bogor and Tangerang express their support and send in nine of their best representatives to be trained as participant. Participating universities also appointed one lecturer to become one of the jury to evaluate participants contribution in terms of readability and quality. Total of 12 judges will assess the contribution of 90 participants from the competition, the winner will be Indonesian representative to attend Wikimania 2010 in Gdansk, Poland. Free Knowledge Ambassador Christian Sugiono hoped that Indonesian philosophy of "Gotong Royong" (hand in hand in helping and building something that will be used together) applied in order to build knowledge content in the internet.

Wikipedia Bahasa Indonesia is the largest free encyclopedia site in the Indonesian language, all articles are contributed and maintained by volunteers. To date it has more than 119 thousand articles (March 2010). Wikipedia Bahasa Indonesia receive 1.2 million page view every day (data February 2010). However, very active users who edit more than three times a day are only around 30 people, this number stagnant since 2005 and tends to decrease. The number of very active users gives direct impact to the decrease of new articles and article quality in Wikipedia Bahasa Indonesia. Wikipedia ranked the 11th most visited in Indonesia based on data from Alexa, the small half (40 percent) of the current Indonesian visitors visit the English Wikipedia site and the other half (more than 50 percent) visit Wikipedia Bahasa Indonesia.

Wikipedia Bahasa Indonesia operates in May 2003, and early on 2004 ranked 50 from all Wikimedia Project considering number of articles it has. Currently it ranked ranked 25th, up one rank from last year. Other languages in Indonesia also in Wikipedia are; Javanese language Wikipedia with 26,503 articles, Sundanese language Wikipedia 14,556 articles, Banyumasan dialect has 3162 articles, Acehnese language 1150 articles, Bugis language 216 articles, and Malay language Wikipedia with 62,050 articles.

One-day training was completed on Saturday, March 27th, 2010 at the computer laboratory of Mercubuana University; attended by 64 representatives from eight universities-two other colleges will follow trained as soon as possible. Competition begins on April 1 and ends on June 16. Top five participants will get a laptop on the National Awakening Day, May 20, which also the second round of competition. This competition has a budget of 250 million rupiah and still requires funding to be able to complete the program. The fund that had managed to get collected is 138 million, grant from the Ford Foundation, Wikimedia Foundation and Pertamina.

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  • All of the statistics obtained through Wikimedia Foundation part-time analyst, Erik Zachte.
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