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Jakarta, February 21, 2009
Wikipedia Bahasa Indonesia has Reached 100.000 Articles

Wikipedia Bahasa Indonesia, the largest Indonesian-language encyclopedia website which all of the articles being completed and maintained by volunteers, has reached 100,000 articles on February 21 at 02:57 pm.

This 100,000th article, titled "Luck By Chance" – the title of a Bollywood film-and was written by an anonymous user.

Such a large amount of articles that achieved by Wikipedia Bahasa Indonesia only has about 50 volunteers as active users.

With the amount of 100,000 articles, Wikipedia Bahasa Indonesia is side by side with other major world languages such as English (more than two million articles), Germany, Spain, Italy, Japan, and others who have had more than one hundred thousand articles.

Wikipedia Bahasa Indonesia began in May 2003, at the beginning of the year 2004 ranked 50th from all over the world, viewed from the amount of the articles. Now position shot ranked 25 out of 265 total free encyclopedia projects from a various languages which are managed by the Wikimedia Foundation. Other languages in Indonesia also have Wikipedia are Wikimedia Java with 16,897 articles and Wikipedia Sundanese with 14,354 articles.

On January 2009, Wikipedia Bahasa Indonesia website get 725 thousand page visits (page view) per day, and the most viewed page is the article "Israeli-Palestinian Conflict" with 3976 hits per day and "Globalization" with 3343 hits per day. The most edited articles are the articles "Islam" with 670 times edits by 120 different registered users and more than 50 anonymous users. Borgx's default users are listed as the most active users and has made 80 thousand times edits since registered in 2005.

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All of the statistics obtained through Wikimedia Foundation part-time analyst, Erik Zachte.

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