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Press release

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Jakarta, September 23, 2011

The "Cipta Media Bersama" Open Grant Project Received 820 Applications from Throughout Indonesia

The spread of Cipta Media Bersama grant applications
Press conference announcing the 35 candidates

Two months after being announced, "Cipta Media Bersama", an open grant project funded by the Ford Foundation and supported by three non-profit groups (Wikimedia Indonesia, ICT Watch, and the Indonesian Alliance of Independent Journalists has received 820 grant applications from throughout Indonesia (West Indonesia: 602 applications, Central Indonesia: 190 applications, East Indonesia Timur: 28 applications). Heidi Arbuckle, the Ford Foundation's Media Program Officer, announced in a press conference at the Axmani Hotel Jakarta on September 23, 2011, that the total number of applications was unexpected, and that the committee was greatly pleased by the enthusiasm shown in trying to improve the media.

Proposals received varied heavily in the issues to be addressed, the approach taken, the choice of media, and the point of origin of the request - although Java was dominant, requests from other areas were fairly well spread.

The open media grant program was expected to bring forth new initiatives which could be used as good examples of how to improve the media in Indonesia. From our data on the applications received, we can summarize:

  1. The topics of diversity in the media and equitable access received the most applications, with most targeted at those with disabilities, children, farmers, cultural groups, and human rights victims (totaling 644 applications). The Initial Selection Team drew the conclusion that mainstream media does not fulfill these groups' need for information, with their voices being unheard. Based on the number of applications received, it seems that community media attempts to address these issues.
  2. A critical view was also shown in the topics of media ethics and media watch (totaling 176 applications), with initiatives to increase the variety of content, improve verification and accuracy, as well as the quality of mainstream news; this shows that society is dissatisfied with its current media consumption.

Thirty of the 35 candidates for the USD one million (approximately 8.5 billion rupiah) grant were chosen by the Initial Selection Team, with 5 being chosen by the general public via the internet. The proposal which received the most public support was "Writing to Increase the Indonesian People's Wisdom", with 4415 votes, while the committee chose based on 5 criteria and the locations of the projects.

During the judging process, the Initial Selection Team decided that giving grants would not be enough on its own. As such, we intend to put on some workshops on improving candidates' ability to use media and technology, as well as advocate cooperation between candidates in different areas to build better infrastructure and greater resources.

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Attachment: Cipta Media Bersama Grant Candidates (35)

Topic I: Breaking Boundaries - Diversity in the Media

  1. " – Promoting an Indonesian Identity"| Tengku Muhamad Dhani Iqbal | Lentera Timur Group | Work Area: Aceh, Jambi, Yogyakarta, Jakarta, East Kalimantan, West Kalimantan, Gorontalo, West and Southeast Sulawesi, and West Papua | Media Website & Writing Training |
  2. AKUMASSA.ORG" | Otty Widasari| AKUMASSA| Work area: Jakarta, Surabaya, Tangerang, Cirebon, NTB, Banten | Multimedia
  3. Benor FM: Community Radio as Educational Media and Advocate for Fundamental Rights of the Rimba People | Askarinta Adi| KK Warsi | Jambi| Radio |
  4. Benih Bhinneka | Alissa QM Rahman| GUSDURian Network of Indonesia | Bandung, Garut-Tasikmalaya, Cirebon, Jogjakarta, Kendal, Wonosobo, Kediri, Surabaya, Jember, Jakarta, Lombok, Makassar, Bali | Communications training |
  5. Kanal News Room – News on the Lapindo Mud Volcano from the Victims’ Perspectives | Mujtaba Hamdi | Kanal News Room | Sidoarjo | Website, Kanal bulletin, radio |
  6. Funding Scheme and Resource Mobilization Strategy Development for the Continuation of Media Communities in Indonesia | Hamid Abidin | PIRAC Fundraising School | Indonesia | Research
  7. Community Website for Youths with Disabilites | Dimas Prasetyo Muharam | Kartunet Community | Jakarta
  8. Indonesian Street Art Database | Andi Riyanto | RESPECTA Streetartgallery | Yogyakarta | Database |
  9. Bhinneka: Boundless Diversity and Equality | Soe Tjen Marching | Bhinneka Institute | Indonesia| Viral campaign and internet networking
  10. Not Starting [and Not Ending With News] | Ucu Agustin| 750 Million Rupiah | Documentary film and viral distribution

Keadilan dan kesetaraan akses terhadap media

  1. Information Portal for 500 Radio Stations in 400 Cities Throughout Indonesia | Heru Hendratmoko | KBR68H Radio News Office | Indonesia | 1,5 Billion Rupiah | Web and Radio
  2. Check My City | Wawan Sopijan| YASCITA | Kendari, South-East Sulawesi | Community mobilization and networking via the internet
  3. MK-160 : 160 Character Media Community| Muhammad Amrun | Angkringan Media Community | Timbulharjo Village (Bantul, Yogyakarta)
  4. Amboina Cyber Society| Benhard Ricardo E. Mattheis | Maluku Satu Media| Ambon, Maluku | Development of Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) infrstructure
  5. Human Rights Advocacy in Papua via Online Media, Mobile Phones, and Social Media | Latifah Anum Siregar| Democratic Alliance for Papua (ALDP)| Papua | A combination of social, cellular, and internet networks
  6. Border Blogger Movement | Asriyadi Alexander| Borneo Blogger Community | West Kalimantan | Cellular phones
  7. Formation of an Independent Media Watch Institution for Tertiary Education Facilities Throughout Malang | Novin Farid Styo Wibowo | K3M (Communications and Media Research Community) | Malang | Institutionalization and documentation
  8. Android Training for Beginners | ID Android Agus Hamonangan | Basic Android application training
  9. Women Laborers’ Radio: From Women Laborers for Equality | Interfactory Laborers Forum | North Jakarta | Laborers radio for women

Kebebasan dan etika bermedia

  1. Human Rights Blogger Award | Supriyadi Widodo Eddyono | Indonesia Media Defense Litigation Network (IMDLN) | Jabodetabek, Bandung, East Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan | Identification and appreciation
  2. INDEPENDEN Online – New Media Ethics | Eko Maryadi | Independent Journalists Group | Indonesia | Web and online networking
  3. JBDK Android & IOS Project | Sony Adi Setyawan | Apple, Android, and Java Educational Applications

Pemantauan media

  1. Videos for Peace | Firdaus Mubarik | 6211 group | West Java, Jakarta, Banten | Documentary films |
  2. Next Generation - Media Watch & Literacy | Muhamad Iqbal Tawakal | Bandung| Research |
  3. Awakening Village Homemakers: Increasing Women’s Participation and Guaranteeing Fuller Information | Rifky Indrawan | Lampung Community Radio Network (JRKL) | Lampung | Radio
  4. Follow-up Survey: Indonesian Reporters’ Perceptions on Islam and the Lapindo Media Watch | Imam Shofwan | Pantau Foundation | Indonesia| Research
  5. Report2DewanPers: Watchdog for Cyber Media in Indonesia| Samsuri | Press Council | Indonesia | Complaints system via the internet
  6. Encouraging Healthier Media in Sharia Reporting in Aceh | Mukhtaruddin Yacob | Independent Journalists' Alliance of Banda Aceh | Aceh | Limited discussions and workshops
  7. Research on Abuse | Budi Rahardjo| ID-CERT | Indonesia | Research
  8. | Iqbal Baskara| Bandung | Web-based comics
  9. Indonesian Interfaith Weather Station (through Media Watch and Analysis) | Dicky Sofjan | Indonesian Consortium for Religious Studies (ICRS-Yogya) |Java-Bali, Sumatra, Papua Maluku, NTB-NTT | Data mapping

5 Pilihan Publik

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  1. Menulis untuk Membangun Peradaban Bangsa Indonesia Lebih Maju| Joni Lis Efendi| Writing Revolution| Pekanbaru, Riau
  2. Mosque Life Aid| Eko Budhi/ Mosque| Jakarta
  3.| Intan Savitri|Forum Lingkar Pena| Jakarta Timur
  4. My Phone, My Study Partner| Ali Sahbana| 1000guru (Kediri)| Kediri
  5. Media Online Sosialisasi dan Pengembangan Komunitas Pemuda dengan Disabilitas| Dimas Prasetyo Muharam| Kartunet Community| DKI Jakarta
  6. Roadshow Edukasi Sehat Berinternet| Fajar Eri Dianto| Blogvaganza| Bojongsoang, Bandung