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Jakarta, 15 March 2011

Wikimedia Indonesia Receives Volunteers Recruitment & Capacity Building Grant from Wikimedia Foundation

Wikimedia Indonesia, an independent association established by Indonesian volunteers originating from the Indonesian language Wikipedia contributors, receives a USD 40,000 (360 million rupiah) grant for their initiative called "Volunteer Recruitment & Capacity Building" project. The initiative was launched as a way to increase volunteer capacity to design free knowledge projects and to attract new talented young volunteers from academic circles to participate and contribute using wiki platform while they surf the internet.

As much as 90 million rupiahs will be allocated for an intervention program in cooperation with Semarang State University (SSU) to increase activity on the Javanese language Wikipedia which currently only has 2 (two) regular editors since its launching in June 2006. Based on this data Javanese language Wikipedia considered "dying", if there is no intervention. The intervention program called "Fantastic Four" (Papat Limpad in Javanese Language) will run for seven months (April-October 2011) and receive a warm welcome and full support from Faculty of Language and Art majoring Javanese Literature and Language in Semarang State University. Free Knowledge Ambassador Christian Sugiono will attend to launch the competition in SSU on March 21, 2011.

Meanwhile around 50 million rupiah from the grant will be allocated to revive the Sundanese language Wikipedia, pending a partner organization and timeline. Data on the Sundanese language Wikipedia shows that the site has not had any regular editors (zero) since 2009. It is expected that this wiki will be more difficult to revitalize.

The rest of the grant, around 220 million rupiah, will be allocated to recruit and train volunteers. The initiative called "Wikimedia Cipta" is design to train volunteers to independently run projects inside their own University or Faculty and to create writing classes in Jakarta throughout the year to increase volunteers ability to write encyclopedic style writing in Wikipedia.

Wikipedia Bahasa Indonesia is the largest free encyclopedia site in the Indonesian language, and all articles are contributed and maintained by volunteers. To date it has more than 150 thousand articles (March 2011). Indonesian language Wikipedia receives 1.6 million page views every day (data from February 2011). Wikipedia ranked the 12th most visited website in Indonesia according to, the small half (40 percent) of the current Indonesian visitors visit the English Wikipedia site and the other half (more than 50 percent) visit the Indonesian language Wikipedia.

The Indonesian language Wikipedia first launched in May 2003, and in 2011 its readership ranked 17th in the world out of 270 Wikipedia language project owned by the Wikimedia Foundation. Other languages in Indonesia also with their own Wikipedia are the Javanese language Wikipedia with 32,459 articles, the Sundanese language Wikipedia with 14,728 articles, the Banyumasan with 3,400 articles, the Aceh with 1,523 articles, the Buginese 5,046 articles, the Banjar with 10,860 articles, and the Malay with 113,546 articles.

In January 2011, the Wikimedia Foundation managed to collect 16 million U.S. dollar from their yearly fundraising effort. From the 213 that countries contributed to this effort, Indonesia ranks 51st with a total amount of donations equal to 14 thousand U.S. dollars from approximately 900 contributors. The five countries with largest amount of money raised and their contribution (in U.S. dollar) are as follows: 10 million dollar (U.S.), 893 thousand dollar (Canada), 500 thousand dollar (Japan), and 323 thousand dollar (Spain), and 207 thousand dollar (Great Britain).

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  • All statistic data are collected through Erik Zachte part-time data analyst Wikimedia Foundation
  • For more info please contact Siska Doviana, Wikimedia Indonesia Executive Director via info at