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Technology Community Engagement for Advancing Public Service Media is an effort by Wikimedia Indonesia to identify a pool of talented wannabes IT engineers and build their capacity to understand how IT software work and solve a specific problem.


Wikimedia Indonesia’s constant pain is finding suitable candidates for skilled technical roles, especially for a one year projects. Our discussions with other non-profits indicates it is a widely shared problem.

Our community has several skilled technical people, but they are unable to commit to joining WMID for the duration of a project.

When a large technical problem occurs, it can take weeks to be fixed as these people are simply too busy with other projects. Medium sized projects to upgrade or improve our software are never undertaken, as software developers and integrator are not available.

This is not news since Indonesia is shortage of engineers in for profit sector more over in a non profit sector and opensource area.

The project intended to create a pool of young engineers and build their capacity to understand how open source program works.

We would like to use the available consultant hired for this time period to train selected individuals found throughout our coding camp to be their protégé.

We later identify selected people in multiple location throughout Indonesia with technological resources, capacity, and willing to serve the public interest.

Initiative and objective

Technology Community Engagement

Wikimedia Indonesia would like to test the water for building pathways for high school and university students to become engaged in open source development projects that support non-profit activities in Indonesia.

The Google programs “Google Summer of Code” and “Google Code-in” is an existing international program to bring aspiring students into open source projects. It provides the students with experience and certificates for participation and completion.

Indonesia has had very few notable participant in these programs, including Tasya Rukmana who was one of 24 “Grand Prize Winner“ for Google Code-in 2014, winning herself a trip to the Google headquarters.

High performing participants in the Google Summer of Code are often employed by non-profits that mentored the student during the program. Wikimedia Indonesia will run a smaller model edition of these Google programs to identify candidates for employing at Indonesian non-profits, and as a means to encourage and support more Indonesian students to become involved with non-profits within Indonesia, while tied it in to the larger international Google programs.

Hopefully this effort will increase the pool of technology students who both understand open source development and have a desire to be engaged.

While running the program we will also brings in partners to identify common technical problems facing non-profits in Indonesia, and use the technical consultant to repackage these technical problems as learning opportunities to attract and engage ambitious and aspiring young persons with a technology career ahead of them. Every two months a different software area will be the focus, with training materials developed and workshops conducted to guide participants through the problem solving processes, covering initial open source software selection considerations through to code review, change management and deployment processes. Small “bite-size” tasks will be allocated to interested high school students to prepare themselves for Google Code-in, with mentoring provided via real-time communication.

Hackathons and competitions will be held to increase awareness of the program and identify potential candidates for further training or to resource ongoing and future technical roles at Wikimedia Indonesia or their partners. Coding camp road shows will be held in five cities in Indonesia to identify and build personal relations with potential technical resources in the different parts of Indonesia.

Proposal writing workshops will be held in each location to assist potential Google Summer of Code applicants prepare their application. The final phase will involve selecting and interning one or two of the most suitable candidates for Wikimedia Indonesia to engage for future technical projects. The selected candidates will be given one-on-one mentoring provided with our technical consultant and other experts, and be trained in the technical architecture of the Cipta Media infrastructure, so that they can be utilized to support the program needs.


A contact list for highly recommended individuals for technical work in five cities in Indonesia.

Proposed Activities

Technology Community Engagement

a. Preparation for one year agenda.
b. Launching and admissions
c. Preliminary analysis
d. Coding camp roadshows
e. Mentoring program
f. Intern training

Indicator of succes

a. One year agenda with two months themed completed
b. 500 applicants from diverse backgrounds for 12 months program
c. 5-10 participants selected each coding event
d. Ten individuals in five locations identified to provide technical assistance for non profit projects
e. Ten Google Code-in or Summer of Code candidates selected to have assistance provided to them
f. One exemplar individual trained to support the technical architecture of the Cipta Media infrastructure.