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Wikipedians and Open Street Map Meet-up
Oktober 24 2012 Wikipediawan dan Open Street Map.jpg

Wikipediawan meet with the Open Street Map Team at Indonesia's National Library, Jakarta in a workshop on October 25th, 2012. In this workshop, participants contributed to Wikipedia by improving and creating "TransJakarta" and "Jakarta's street" related articles. Participants then scavanged for pictures of public transportation and streets in Jakarta to be uploaded to Wikimedia Commons. Australian Wikipedian, John Vandenberg, and Wikipedian from The Philippines, Josh Lim, were also participated in this event. More on this... (October 2012)

Creative Commons Indonesia on Social Media Festival 2012

Oktober 12 2012 CCID SocMedFest.jpg

Creative Commons Indonesia joined the festivities of Social Media Festival 2012 on October 12-13th, 2012 at Gelanggang Senayan, Jakarta. When visiting Creative Commons Indonesia's booth, the participants seemed very interested and enthusiastic on getting more information about the license. One hundred Free Culture book by Prof. Lawrence Lessig was given away for free for the visitors. More from our blog... (October 2012)

Wikimedia Indonesia Financial Report 2011 was Published Wikimedia Indonesia had published its Financial report for the year 2011. The chart of account in this report uses the newly revised one which was designed to accommodate the financial transactions for organization and its many projects. This report covers the activity of organizational finance as well as three big projects under Wikimedia Indonesia, namely Cipta Media Bersama, Wikimedia Cipta, and Creative Commons Indonesia

The financial report is now available for public through this link: Activities in Brief 2011, Balance Sheet 2011, Statements of Activities 2011, Statements of Cash Flow 2011, Notes (October 2012)

Laporan keuangan.png

Wikimedia Indonesia Financial Reports are Republished Wikimedia Indonesia republished its financial reports for the year 2008, 2009, and 2010. This is due to a revision of chart of account since 2012 which demanded all previous years financial report to be reformat. The new chart of accounts was designed to be able to accomodate the financial transactions of the organizattion as well as its many projects. Wikimedia Indonesia Financial Report can be accessed for public through this link: Financial report 2008, Financial report 2009, Financial report 2010 (October 2012)

Job Opening for Accounting Assistant
800px-Wikimedia Indonesia Internship Program.jpg

Wikimedia Indonesia opens a part-time job offer for the position of Accounting Assistant. The work period will be from pNovember 2012 until February 2013. This position is suitable for fresh graduates from Accounting Department or students who are working on their thesis. More info regarding compensation, job description, and qualification can be found here... (September 2012)

Pilot Project of Wiki Medika

Wikimedia Indonesia and ISMKI (Association of Indonesian Medical Student Council) planned to do WikiMedika project in the coming year. This project hoped to increase the number as well as the quality of medical articles in Indonesia Wikipedia. Read more... (July 2012)

Screening of Truth in Numbers Movie
Truth in Numbers film poster.jpg

Wikimedia Indonesia in collaboration with AtAmerica will present the screening of a documentary movie about Wikipedia, " Truth in Numbers: Everything, According to Wikipedia". The director of that movie, Nic Hill will participate in the discussion through video conference. This event will be held in July 28th, 2012 at 11 AM in @America, Pacific Place, 3rd floor. See more... (July 2012)

Launching of Creative Commons Lisence for Indonesia

Ccid logo.png

Discussion and socialization of six CC and CCO translated lisence concepts will be held in Jakarta on June, 6-7th 2012. This discussion will intend to generate better and well-understood translation drafts for public. Creative Commons License can be used as alternative license agreement according to Law number 19, 2002 about copyright. . click to get invitation... (June 2012)


Wikimania 2014 will be held in London, UK.

WikiMania London 2014.png

London was officially announced as the host of 10th Wikimania in August, 8-10th, 2013. The other team who competed for 10th Wikimania bidding is Arusha, Tanzania. More via Meta Wikimedia (May 2013)

Wikimania 2012 was held in Washington DC.

Wikimania 2012 logo.png

The 8th annual conference for wikipedians, known as Wikimania, was held on July, 12-15 2012. This conference took place at George Washington University in Washington DC., USA. On this occasion, chapters representatives also had a chance to discuss the corporation of Wikimedia Chapters Association. More on Wikimania 2012 (July 2012)

Wikimedia Chapters Meeting 2012 will be held in Berlin, Germany

Wikimedia Conference logo.jpg

Upcoming annual meeting of chapter representatives from all over the world with WMF board and staff will be held in Berlin, Germany, on March 30 - April 1, 2012. The host chapter, Wikimedia Deutschland, invites two representatives from all chapters to join this Wikimedia Conference. More via Meta-Wikimedia (January 2011)


Indonesia Archive


Call for Volunteers: Uploading Pictures from Australian Paralympic Committee

Australian Paralympic Committee logo.svg

Wikimedia Indonesia in corporation with Wikimedia Australia will assist in uploading 645 pictures which Australian Paralympic Committee provided to Wikimedia Commons. If anyone is interested and able to download big zip files and reupload the images to Commons, please join this project. We're looking forward to your participation in volunteering in this Paralympics in Australia project! Learn more about this project... (March 2012)

Workshop Wikimedia Indonesia - Jejak Petjinan


Jejak Petjinan in collaboration with Wikimedia Indonesia will organize "Writing on Wikipedia" workshop on 20 - 21 March at Universitas Katolik Widya Mandala, Surabaya. This workshop is open for public and aiming to introduce participants to Wikipedia and explain the techniques of writing a Wikipedia article using MediaWiki. Sign up for this workshop... (Maret 2012)

Wikimedia - Lontar for Indonesian Writers

Logo 25 thn Lontar-red-square copy.jpg

Wikimedia - Lontar Project is on the recruitment and review stages. Wikimedia Indonesia, Lontar Foundation, and Creative Commons Indonesia will show how Lontar's works for the last 25 years are becoming accessible through English (en.wikipedia.org) and Indonesian (id.wikipedia.org) Wikipedia. Sign up to join this event... (March 2012)

Wikimedia Cipta Final Report

Wikimedia-cipta utama.png

Wikimedia Cipta Project, funded by Wikimedia Foundation grant for volunteer recruitment and capacity building, has been completed. Nine projects under Wikimedia Cipta has been took place from December 2010-December 2011 in three cities: Jakarta, Bandung, and Semarang. more... (January 2012)


General Meeting of Members 2011
Wikimedia Indonesia held the fourth General Meeting of Members on December 16th, 2011 which attended by 9 members and 4 non-members. see more... (December 2011)

The Awarding of Sundapedia 2011 Winners.

Desember 14 2011 SU 2011 Penganugerahan Sundapedia12.jpg

Wikimedia Indonesia and Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI) Bandung awarded laptop, scholarships, and Sundanese dictionaries to winners of Sundapedia 2011, writing competition in Sundanese Wikipedia. In 72-days competition, all the participants successfully completed 1.521 articles and improving the ranking of Sundanese Wikipedia into 92nd place. Congratulation for all the winners: pemenang: Marlina, Dena, Anisa, Chaerunnisa, dan Hesti. see more... ( December 2011 2011)

Cipta Media Bersama Grants USD 1 Million to 20 Chosen Applications'

Penerima Hibah.jpg

After, preliminary selection of 820-application from all over Indonesia, the Advisory and Final Selection Team for 'Cipta Media Bersama' has approved 20 applications to share USD 1 million grant. This grant is hoped to empower society and improve its capacity in contributing to media diversity, defending freedom of expression, protecting media ethics, guarantee fair and equitable access to the media, and actively oversee the content, ownership, and procedures of the mainstream media. See more Press release... (November 2011)

Closing and Awarding Ceremony of Papat Limpad 2011

Oktober 13 2011 PL Aktivitas-1.JPG

Wikimedia Indonesia and Public University Semarang (UNNES) officially closed writing competition on Javanese Wikipedia, Papat Limpad, which was held from February to October 2011. This Javanese language Wikipedia revitalization project was followed by 100 students and lecturers from Javanese Language and Literature Major, UNNES. In seven-months competition, this competition resulted 2,269 artikel. Congratularion for all the winners: Pangestika, Chafid, Yayu, Agus, dan Arum Novitasari. see more... ( October 2011)

Launching of Sundapedia 2011 - A writing competition on Sundanese Wikipedia.

September 17 2011 SU 2011 Suasana Pelatihan tahap 1(2).jpg

Wikimedia Indonesia and Indonesian Education University (UPI) Bandung launched a writing competition on Sundanese Wikipedia on September 17th, 2011. About 50 participants from under- and post-gradate study of Regional Language Education Culture Prodi Sunda will compete from September-December 2011 to win a laptop and scholarships. This competition was designed to increase quantity and quality of Sundanese articles significanlty on Sundanese Wikipedia. see more on Sundapedia 2011... ( September 2011)

The Launcing of 'Cipta Media Bersama'

Logo Cipta Media Bersama1.jpg

Ford Foundation, Wikimedia Indonesia, ICT Watch, and the Association of Independent Journalists launched one million US dollar Open call media program, called "Cipta Media Bersama" on July 15th, 2011. Onno Purbo and Wimar Witoelar attended and gave speechs as representatives of Advisory and Final Selection Team. See more Press release... (July 2011)

The Beacon of Theology 2011 competition complete. Congratulation for all the winners!

5 buah laptop hadiah PT.jpg

The final round from Beacon of Theology writing competition 2011 was officially ended on May 6th, 2011. The closing ceremony and awarding event for the winners was done on Friday, May 20th, 2011 in STTJ, Jakarta. Congratulation for the best three in PT 2011 competition: Danang Kurniawan, Merlin Lumintang, and Togu Paskaraya Sihite. see more in Table of Round Three... (May 2011)

Round two competition of Beacon of Theology 2011 complete

Rapat panitia pijar teologi Maret.jpg

Beacon of Theology 2011 writing competition round two completed on 15 April 2011. Out of 35 (thirty five) participants completed the first round of competition, as many as 27 participants are successfully passed through to final round. On this final round the participants will be competing to make as many as possible short articles. Full score will be granted to participants who manages to make 100 short articles on May 6th, 2011.. See second round scoring result.. ( April 2011)

Wikimedia Indonesia Financial Report 2010 published to public

The organization financial report or also known as Activity Report for 2010 is release to public. The public can see how Wikimedia Indonesia finance its activities from time to time along with the short narrations. see more in Financial Report (April 2011)

Round one competition of Beacon of Theology 2011 complete

Pelatihan Pijar Teologi 2011.JPG

Beacon of Theology 2011 writing competition round one completed on 15 March 2011. Out of 65 (sixty five) participants at the beginning of competition, as many as 35 participants are successfully passed through to second round. This competition is expected to increase the quality and quantity of Theology articles in Wikipedia Indonesia website. See first round scoring result.. ( March 2011)

Launching of Papat Limpad Writing Competition

Peluncuran Papat Limpad-Diskusi bersama dosen.JPG

Wikimedia Indonesia and Javanese Languange and Literature Major, Faculty of Languages and Arts, Semarang State University (SSU) had launched a writing competition in Javanese language Wikipedia "Papat Limpad". As many as 100 participants, consists of 90 students and 10 lecturers from SSU will compete to be the "Fantastic Four" in seven months competition (April-October 2011). Through this competition, it is expected to open up access for Javanese language speakers, activists, and Javanese culture lovers in the internet. complete press release.. ( March 2011)

Wikimedia Indonesia Receives Volunteers Recruitment & Capacity Building Grant from Wikimedia Foundation
Wikimedia Indonesia receives 40.000 USD (360 million rupiah) grant which 90 million rupiah from it will be allocated to increase Javanese Wikipedia activities, Papat Limpad, collaborate with Semarang State University (SSU). While, 50 millions rupiah will be allocated to increase Sundanese Wikipedia. The remaining grant will be used as wiki-project based training and Wikipedia writing training centered which will be based in Jakarta. More press release (15 Maret 2011)


General Meeting of Members 2010
Wikimedia Indonesia held the third General Meeting of Members on 17 December 2010 in Jakarta which attended by 10 members with 14 votes. More... (19 Desember 2010)

"Lucky, I am the representative from Wikipedia Indonesia"
International Conference of Wikimania 2010 was held in Gdansk, Poland, July 9-1,12010. Indonesia was represented by Kartika Sari Henry-winner of a competition to write in Wikipedia Indonesia. In addition to feel lucky and proud of calling herself from Wikipedia Indonesia, Kartika disclose profits Simple Indonesia compared to other Wikipedia. | more through VIVAnews' site (July 27,, 2010)

Kartika Sari Henry, winner of Free Knowledge 2010 competition, posed at the longest peer in Europe

Resolution of the Board of Trustees
Wikimedia Indonesia Board of Trustees appointed Executive Director Ad Interim Siska Doviana serving term from July to December 2010. more... (July 1, 2010)

National Awakening: Appreciation to the five best editors from "Free Knowledge 2010" competition
Wikimedia Indonesia together with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (Kemenkominfo) Indonesia confers five laptops using the open operating system: Ubuntu, to 5 best editors of the competition. This event took place at Press conference at Kemenkominfo office, in commemorate National Awakening Day in May 20, 2010. more through Antara's news site (May 20, 2010)

Press Conference with Director General for Telematic Application, Ashwin Shasongko

Pictures by Vivanews.com

Wikimedia Indonesia Launches Writing Competition initiative in Wikipedia Bahasa Indonesia "Free Knowledge 2010"
The competition is part of an effort to recruit talented young volunteers from academic circles to participate in free knowledge movement by writing article using high quality standard of Bahasa Indonesia using the internet as a medium. more through Vivanews.com (March 31, 2010)

International Archieve


January 2012

Wikipedia blackout act to oppose SOPA/PIPA

Sopa wikipedia.png

Wikipedia community has chosen to blackout the English Wikipedia for 24 hours on Wednesday, January 18, 2012 as a protest against Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the PROTECT IP Act (PIPA) -- proposed U.S. legislation, which will harm the free and open internet. see more on Press Release... (January 2012)

WikiWomanCamp 2012 will be held in Argentina.

WikiWomanCamp, an open-spaced conference to gather all women in Wikimedia movement, will be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on May 23-25, 2012. All women involve in Wiki community are welcomed to join with an open mind and willingness to participate through teaching, actives discussion, helping people to connect to those who can assist them, and also sharing your own stories. More via Meta-Wikimedia (January 2012)

Wikimedia Finance Meeting 2012 will be hosted in Paris, France.

Wikimedia France Logo.png

Paris will be the host of upcoming Finance Meeting 2012 on Febryari, 17th-19th, 2012. This meeting has a goal to gather all Wikimedia Chapters to discuss about finance in movement. More via Meta-Wikimedia (January 2012)


April 2011

Ten million files at Wikimedia Commons

Logo Commons 10M.png

Wikimedia Commons, the multilingual free-content media repository project of the Wikimedia Foundation, reached on April 15, 2011, the milestone of ten million files uploaded. further information at commons.wikimedia (April 2011)

Wikimania 2012 Awarded to Washington, DC

Wikimania 2012 Washington DC logo draft 3.svg.png

Annual international conference,, Wikimania 2012, will be held in Washington DC on July 12-15, 2011. This event will be the eighth time since the first Wikimania in 2005. More via Meta-Wikimedia (April 2011)

Maret 2011

Wikimedia Conference in Germany
Wikimedia Deutschland organized international conference between wikimedia local chapters, which attended by 30 local chapters from six continents. Also participated are some staff, WMF board and chapter committee members. (More via Meta-Wikimedia...) (Maret 2011)


November 2010

GLAM WIKI 2010 in Paris
Wikimedia France organized Glam Wiki on December 2010 in Paris which purposed to open up opportunity for international cultural partners who wants to work together and have projects initiatives. ( France More via Wikimedia France...) (November 2011)

Oktober 2010

Wikimedia Italy published tutorial video about Wikimedia Commons
Wikimedia Italia launched video of media warehouse: Wikimedia Commons. This video is in Italian language but contain subtitle in English. see video via YouTube... (5 Oktober 2010)

Februari 2010

Wikimedia Foundation and Telefónica Establish Partnership in Extending Learning Level and Increasing Access to Free Knowledge
Wikimedia Foundation and Telefónica today announced a strategic partnership to improve access to education and information content of Wikimedia in Latin America and Europe. This agreement will expand the reach of the Wikimedia projects, including Wikipedia, to use a lot of technology base through the development of customized applications for web portals, wireless mobile telephone devices, and television technology used by Telefónica. more... (February 1, 2010)

Januari 2010

Danese Cooper Joining Wikimedia Foundation as Chief Technical Officer
Wikimedia Foundation today announced that Danese Cooper, an expert on open source and experienced technology manager, has joined the WMF as CTO. more... (January 28, 2010)

The Annual Fund is Supported by the Record from the Wikipedia Contributor
More than $ 8 million USD was obtained from 230.000 people in a campaign contributor to maintain Wikipedia. This is quite encouraging and achieving the target of the founder of Wikimedia. $ 8 million USD was larger $ 2 million USD from the previous year and up from 125.000 people during the campaign contributors 2008-2009. more... (January 5, 2010)