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23 July 2010 Jagongan Media Rakyat (Yogyakarta) at 08:30-11:30 AM. Topic: Knowledge through Community Radio-Wikipedia convergence". Gathering event of community and activist who work in various issues for community empowerment. Community of arts, farmers, skills, artisans, tourism, education, research, to hobbies and community forum will be gather and share knowledge through familiar media used. The people media will be shown is a mosaic of people voices which continuously are struggled by Indonesian communities to come together, share, and move! Listen to feedback from listeners from early experimental articles read by students council and broadcasted through 300 community radios in Indonesia using Javanese, Sundanese, Banyumansan, and Sasak Languages (Lombok). More via Jagongan Media Rakyat Website- Combine - Yogyakarta.