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The preview system of this page are devided into Wikimedia Indonesia's Project ("Project") and Wikimedia Indonesia's participation by invite from third party ("Participation").

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Logo Cipta Media Bersama1.jpg
Cipta Media Bersama is an open call for media projects that aims to support new and innovative ideas and practices that promote citizen rights and equitable media access in Indonesia. The open call will provide grants to a total of one million dollars for projects that can demonstrate best practices in promoting diversity, equity, openness and ethical media practices. The goal of Cipta Media Bersama is to advance the rights of poor and excluded populations in establishing, accessing and participating in a representative media environment.
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Logo Papat Limpad.jpg
A writing competition on Javanese language Wikipedia on April-October 2011 held in Semarang State University (SSU). Four winners will get four laptops and certificates.
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Logo pijar teologi final.jpg
A writing competition for theology articles subject in Indonesian language Wikipedia. The 72 days competition will be held in Jakarta Theological Seminary. The competition will begin in February and ended in May 2011. Top three winners will receives laptops and top ten winners will receives scholarships.
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A mentoring, training, and volunteer capacity building project based on the volunteer's interest in starting up Wikimedia projects. Initiatives followed up independently by participants using available resources locally ((360o project training). The program begin in December 2010 and ended in November 2011. Interested participants will be guided by consultant from Wikimedia Indonesia or consultant specially recruit to taught step by step on how to run a successful project starting from resources identification, proposal writing, fund raising to project report.
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Wikipedia Writing Class and training, guiding, and volunteer capacity building program based on their interest to oraganize Wikimedia projects (360o). Lasted from December 2010 and ended in November 2011. Participants will be guided by professional writing instructures and Wikimedia Indonesia consultants as well as invited consultants, step by step to execute their own project start from human resource identification, proposal writing, fundraising, until reporting activities result.
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A colaboration project of Wikimedia Indonesia and Lontar Foundation to enrich biography articles of Indonesian writers on Indonesian and English Wikipedia. The training will be lasted from October-December 2011 and the expected outcome is 300 combination articles about Indonesian writers biography, their published works, and book publishers.
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Summit 2011 Colour Logo cropped.png
16-18 September 2011, Warsawa, Poland - Creative Commons Global Summit 2011. Around 70 Creative Commons affiliates from all over the world attended Creative Commons (CC) Global Summit 201. Wikimedia Indonesia as official Creative Commons affiliate in Indonesia send its representative Ivan Lanin and Ari Juliano Gema as Creative Commons Indonesia public lead and legal lead travel scholarship provided by Creative Commons Internasional and other expenses were contributed by PT Saling Silang. ( Complete report...)
Wikimedia Australia.png
25-27 May 2011 Metadata Conference 2011 Canberra, Australia. Metadata Conference 2011 sponsored by Wikimedia Australia is held by community of practitioner around the creation, management, use, promotion, capability development, innovation and articulation of information about information for better governance. Attended by Siska Doviana via travel scholarship funded by Wikimedia Australia Complete report..
19 July 2011, Bandung - Seminar on Information Security to Protect Strategical Data and Ensure Electronic Transaction Safety. Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Informatics invite Wikimedia Indonesia to participate in one day seminar. This semintar is attended by the organization's treasurer Mulwardi Tjitra (Complete report..)
19-20 May 2011 Tech Camp Jakarta (@America, Pasific Place, Jakarta) 09:00-17:00. International technology camp sponsored by U.S. Embassy Jakarta to address climate change dan disaster prevention, volunteer organizing, help, and reconstruction (aftermath) through technology. Many experience from multiple source persons were shared and discussion were facilitate to assess and initiate problem solving ideas with NGOs in Indonesia.(See complete report..)



Free Your Knowledge 2010

A writing competition for Wikipedia Bahasa Indonesia site during April to June 2010. Winners will be flown to the International Conference Wikimania 2010 in Gdanks, Poland.
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Fund raising
Funding needed for Free Knowledge Project 2010: 250 million Rupiah
Penggalangan dana.PNG
Status of funding up to March 2010 are Rp138,885,000,00
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INAICTA 2010.png
23 July 2010 INAICTA 2010 (Jakarta Convention Center) Kakaktua Room.
  1. First session at 09:00 - 12:00. Topic: Wikipedia: Introducing Indonesia to the world through achievement.
  2. Second session at 13:00 - 15:00. Topic: Wikipedia: The young achievers.
Lokakarya Wikipedia-INAICTA 2010 - The annual award event organized by Ministry of Communications and Information. In this event, Wikimedia Indonesia Pada perhelatan ini Wikimedia Indonesia will be given room and computer to held a workshop. This event free for public.
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30 October 2010 Blogger Party 2010 (Episentrum Kuningan, Jakarta) at 14:00. Creative Commons together with speakers Ari Juliano Gema and Ivan Lanin. Blogger Party website 2010
Jangongan logo.png
23 July 2010 Jagongan Media Rakyat (Yogyakarta) at 08:30-11:30 AM. Topic: Knowledge through Community Radio-Wikipedia convergence". Gathering event of community and activist who work in various issues for community empowerment. Community of arts, farmers, skills, artisans, tourism, education, research, to hobbies and community forum will be gather and share knowledge through familiar media used. The people media will be shown is a mosaic of people voices which continuously are struggled by Indonesian communities to come together, share, and move! Listen to feedback from listeners from early experimental articles read by students council and broadcasted through 300 community radios in Indonesia using Javanese, Sundanese, Banyumansan, and Sasak Languages (Lombok). More via Jagongan Media Rakyat Website- Combine - Yogyakarta.
CCI Logo.png
13-14 December 2010, Wollongong, Australia Workshop of Recent Developments in Intellectual Property Law in Southeast Asia, speaker Ari Juliano Gema held by ARC Center for Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation. (More report...).
GLAM Wiki Paris.png
3-4 Desember 2010, Paris, France GLAM Wiki was an event held to open up opportunities for international cultural partnership interested to collaborate and initiate projects. Erwin Sentausa, one of Wikimedia co-founder is a recipient of a travel scholarship (Mersailles - Paris - Mersailles) to attend the event.



  • INAICTA 2009 Workshop
    • (Communication material for speakers, academic approach, and editor training and writing for Wikipedia).
    • Press Conference of Wikimedia Indonesia launching and 100.000 articles in Depkominfo, Jakarta.