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Wiki Mrebawani

Wiki Mrebawani, stands for Wikipédia Mangreksa Basa Jawa lan Mumpuni, is a wiki project aiming at protecting and preserving the Javanese language in text and multimedia forms via Wikipèdia Basa Jawa website. In Javanese, mangreksa means 'to keep' and mumpuni means 'outstanding'.

This project conceives the idea of an online level-based game, in which a participant must first complete the tasks in a level in order to level up. Other than preserving the Javanese language, participants will learn to foster a community, to network, to work together. In each level, an award for each is provided. Like any other game, every participant may fail. In such a case, the participant must replay from the failed level. The aim of the replay is to gain as many participants as possible, by this no one will need a restart, and eventually will ensure continuity of the game. The time span of this Wiki Mrebawani is one year and three months starting from October 1st, 2015 until December 31st, 2016.

The Game

The Wiki Mrebawani game is run thoroughly online in Wikipèdia Basa Jawa website. All the game-related activities of the paricipants will be monitored by the committee. Finally, this game is intended to create and to build a community-based network of wiki-article writers in a sustainable manner for Wikipedia, especially Wikipèdia Basa Jawa.

The Committee

Vincentius Gitiyarko

Vincentus Gitiyarko Priyatno is a member of Wikipedia Mrebawani 2015 committee. Vincentius was first active in the Wikipedia when he became one of the participants of Bebaskan Pengetahuan 2014. He is studying at the Indonesian Literature Study Program, Faculty of Letters, Sanata Dharma University. The 23-year-old student is interested in the field of literature and philosophy. He likes reading books of various genres of literature. In a free time he usually listens to classical music.

Cahyo Ramadhani, called Cahyo atau Dhani (choose one), is a member of Wikipédia Mrebawani 2015 committee. He joined the Wikipedia for the first time in 2006 and was the participant of LangCamp 2012 hold by Australian Wikimedia at Universitas Indonesia. Cahyo is an English Department alumnus of Universitas Gadjah Mada. His interests include topics on linguistics, especially Javanese-language maintenance, and multilingual Internet. He aspires to be a linguist that develops Javanese to fit in modern time.

Adhi Kurniawan

Adhi Kurniawan is both researcher and local comittee for Wikimedia Project's named Wikipédia Mrebawani 2015. Adhi is now studying at Airlangga University. Adhi was active member of Wikipedia Basa Jawa's named PAPAT LIMPAD 2013. Since then, Adhi has became active writer and researcher. Adhi one of former Universitas Diponegoro student who had joined PAPAT LIMPAD 2013's Project.

Biyanto Rebin is a preparatory committee of Wikipédia Mrebawani 2015. He is graduated from Chinese Studies, Universitas Indonesia and Italian language in Università per Stranieri di Perugia. He is interested in Wikipedia mission that put emphasis on free knowledge and accessibility to many people. Now, he serves as a Deputy Secretary General in Wikimedia Indonesia.