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Wikimedia Indonesia started to recruit project staff from previous Wiki Sabanda organizers and competition winners. First meeting was held on 19 March 2017 in Jakarta, to formulate the competition.


Initial rules

By evaluating previous events (Sundapedia and Wiki Sabanda I), Wiki Sabanda II competition designed to be as simple as possible without penalty or elimination and with two level prizes.

The competition will be held from April 2017 to September 2017 (1st period) and from September 2017 to February 2018 (2nd period).


  • Stub articles
    • new article in Sundanese Wikipedia;
    • at least 100 words, containing at least two different valid references for any statements/data provided;
    • contains image media (if possible), interwiki link(s), and category.
  • Complete articles
    • New articles in Sundanese Wikipedia;
    • at least 300 words, containing at least five different valid references;
    • divided into at least three 3 subtitles;
    • contain image(s) (if poossible), interwiki links and category;
  • Scoring: quantity (40%), quality (40%), editing attendance (20%).


  • 25 participants will receive Sundanese dictionary as prize for writing at least 50 articles (producing at least 1250 new articles in total for every period);
  • two best participants will reach the final goal of at least 200 new articles and awarded two laptop computers as grand prize.


Introducing Sundanese Wikipedia and Wiki Sabanda competition in 'Kopdar Perpus 2' (library enthusiasts meet up) in Bandung, West Java

The competition are disseminated via social medias including Facebook (personal, communities, and fan pages), Twitter, and Instagram. Project staffs also contact potential communities to disseminate Sundanese Wikipedia and the competition.

Pengenalan Wikipedia Sunda dan Wiki Sabanda II pada UI/UX Camp Design BaseCamp 3 IDCH
  • Sundanese language teachers and district public library (Anisa, Garut)
  • Komunitas Malam Puisi Bandung - Bandung Poem Night Community (Anisa, Bandung)
  • UI/UX Camp Design BaseCamp 3 IDCH (Yusuf, Sukabumi)
  • Kopdar Perpus 2 (Ilham, Bandung)