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Wikidata and PyWikibot Training

Wikimedia Indonesia funded a speaker from U.K, Andy Mabbett and John Vandenberg from Australia to do a focus group discussion and training about Wikidata and Pywikibot. This effort is supported by three projects actively pursued by Wikimedia Indonesia Pemetaaan dan Transparansi di Kalimantan, Keterlibatan Masyarakat Teknologi dalam Media, and Mapping Indonesian Language and Literature Vitality.

There are three main goals for this trainer and speaker to come to Jakarta:

  1. Enable HOTOSM staff and other interested participants to use the best practise for data entry and use of mapping data in Wikidata. Explore ways for HOTOSM and Wikidata to cross-link, share and compare their datasets to increase the quality of both datasets.
  2. Introduce Wikimedia bot operators and wiki maintainers to the new PAWS bot services, to simplify performing adhoc wiki maintenance tasks. Also update Wikimedia bot operators on new features of Pywikibot 2.0 that may be used to simplify creating scripts to perform wiki maintenance tasks.
  3. Familiarise linguistics and languages experts on the data entry and use of language data and cultural works in Wikidata. Analyse how language data and cultural works from around the world are described in Wikidata and other relevant systems. Document where the Wikidata data model needs to be improved to adequately describe Indonesian languages and cultural works.


Day & Date Activities PIC Location
Friday, 26 February 2016 time 12:00-16:00 Wikidata & Pywikibot for OSM training
  • Speakers: John Vandenberg & Andy Mabbett
  • Translator: Rachmat Wahidi
  • Kontak: Nurleni Noertam
Wikimedia office, Menteng
Saturday, 27 February 2016 time 10:00-14:00 Wikidata & Pywikibot for Wikipedia
  • Speakers: John Vandenberg & Andy Mabbett
  • Translators: Rachmat Wahidi
  • Contact: Nurleni Noertam
Wikimedia office, Menteng
Monday, 29 February 2016 time 12:00-16:00 Wikidata & Pywikibot training for Language Research and Body
  • Speakers: John Vandenberg & Andy Mabbett
  • Translators: Rachmat Wahidi
  • Contact: Biyanto Rebin
Language Research & Development Body, Rawamangun

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Speakers bio

Andy Mabbett. Foto oleh Lionel Allorge

Andy Mabbett is Wikipediawan who lives in Birmingham, U.K. He is an experience wikipedian residence to multiple institutions such as research institution, museums, archieve, and an award recipient from Royal Society of Arts for his contribution to open data, Wikipedia, and social media.
* Blog | LinkedIn | Wikipedia user page.

John Vandenberg
John Vandenberg is a data and program specialist. He has been highly involved in four Wikimedia Indonesia project in 2015, namely Mapping and Transparency in Kalimantan, Free Knowledge Library, and The Mapping of Indonesian Languages and Literature Vitality. John also a mentor in Google Code in 2015. * LinkedIn | Participant Google Code In blog | Participant Google Code In blog

Interested to participate?

  • The training will be conducted in three different days with a specific focus: Digital Mapping (OSM) on 26 February in Menteng, Jakarta.
  • Wikipedia bot on February 27 in Menteng, Jakarta
  • Data for languages on February 29 in Indonesian Ministry of Education, Language Body and Research in Rawamangun, Jakarta.

The training location can accommodate up to 15 participants a day and is recommended for people who have worked with data for digital maps, language, and bots in Wikipedia. If you are not sure but are interested in following the discussion, it is advisable to enrol for Saturday, February 27 because the discussion could be more common.


The event is free for Members Wikimedia Indonesia, Wikipedia volunteers, volunteer OSM and Open Data Lab staff.

For general audience a fee of Rp. 100 thousand rupiah applied and can be paid at the time of the event, or bring receipt for proof of transfer to Bank Mandiri branch business Wisma Indonesia, on behalf Wikimedia Indonesia, Account No. 121-000500381-3.

Support free knowledge by participating and fill out the form here


The training and discussion will be conducted in English with Indonesian language translator.