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Expenses report

This section will let you browse the project's expenses.

  • First row: Project Banjar 2011 — Budget will take you to the budget's page at meta.wikipedia
  • Second row: example "A" will take you to detail spending where you can click on directly to receipt if available.

However, due to sensitive information such as phone numbers, name, and addresses, some of the receipts with personal information will not be disclosed publicly.

Project Banjar 2011 — Budget
I1 I2 I3
Description Amount
Wikimedia Foundation 5.350.000,-
Total Budget 5.350.000,-
A : Communication [cellular, faximile and email] ,-
B : Communication materials ,-
C : Training Room Usage ,-
D : Consumption [Food and Beverage] ,-
E : Central Administration and Coordinator [staff] ,-
F : Recruitment Specialist / Project Consultant 900.000,-
G : Local Transportation ,-
I1 : Training Allowance — Transportation 2.057.000,-
I2 : Training Allowance — Consumption 689.904,-
I3 : Training Allowance — Accomodation 1.050.000,-
Total Expenses 4.696.904,-
Balance 653.096,-