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Expenses report

This section will let you browse through project's expenditure.

  • First row: will bring you to the budget's page.
  • Second row: example "A" will bring you to expenses detail where you can click through the supporting document[s] (if any).

However, due to sensitive information attached on the supporting documents such as personal phone number, name and address, some supporting documents with this sensitive information will not be published.

Wikimedia-Lontar's — Budget
I1 I2 I3
Keterangan Jumlah
Wikimedia Foundation 17.575.000,-
Total Budget 17.575.000,-
A : Communicationo expenses [cellular, fax and email] 000,-
B : Administrative expenses 000,-
C : Training room usage 000,-
D : Food and Beverage expenses 000,-
E : Central Administration and Coordinator 000,-
F : Volunteer Recruitment Specialits / Project Consultant 8.100.000,-
I1 : Training allowance — Transportation 4.500.000,-
I2 : Training allowance — Food and Beverages 3.150.000,-
I3 : Training allowance — Hotel 1.825.000,-
Total Expenses 17.575.000,-
Balance -