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Cipta Media Ekspresi (Women and Freedom of Expression) is a two-year project to support a stronger connections between arts and journalism sector that ensure the safety and security of artists, film makers, and storytellers through opencall grants. The grant disbursed aim to enhance grantee capacities to disrupt the inequality through social justice storytelling and arts.

The open call program will convene an independent panel to make a grant decision. Along with the independent panel, Wikimedia Indonesia will coordinate pre-application workshops, set timeline and evaluation meetings and scoring guidelines for grantees. Under the grant management effort, Wikimedia Indonesia will launch website that facilitates open and transparent grant that process applications and the dissemination of grantee results and best practices with their grant.

While managing and monitoring grant application reporting and disbursement, technical assistance will be provided to grantees that require additional capacity building with the help of independent panel expert.

A coordinated media outreach will be undertaken during the project life span, ensuring the cumulative impact of all grant recipients to convey the goals of the initiative.

Indicator of success

  • Effectiveness and reach (number of applicants, geographic and cultural diversity) of outreach strategies for Cipta Media Ekspresi;
  • effective management of the Cipta Media website, which would include regular updating of information, dissemination of project activities and results, evaluation and documentation of best practices;
  • successful facilitation of the process of public participation in the selection and evaluation of the projects;
  • further refining of the Cipta Media communications model to be more inclusive of rural and excluded groups;
  • development and maintenance of a peer group that shares lessons learned and best practices in creative expression;
  • visibility of the initiative and the buzz it creates around the potential of creative expression to advance social justice.